Modem Disconnection Problem

  Frogger 12:40 19 Feb 2004

I have a Carerra Extreme P4 3.2GHz PC, running Windows XP which includes a 56K PCI internal Modem.Machine is only a month old.

Modem worked fine on delivery. Carerra had to install further PCI cards in my machine which meant that the Modem card had to be moved to a different slot. Since then Modem disconnects anywhere between 30 seconds and a few minutes. I have reinstalled the Modem in a number of PCI locations, but the problem persists.

Apart from a faulty Modem is there anything obvious I should be doing when setting up the Modem, COM port location, connection speeds etc.

I do not have Call Waiting on my line

  Gongoozler 13:06 19 Feb 2004

Hi Frogger. The modem disconnecting is more likely to be caused by noise on the telephone line rather than by a problem in the computer. Try disconnecting any other devices from your telephone sockets to see if that makes a difference, also make sure there is no water or anything else that could cause a problem in any of your telephone sockets. Have you ever had a modem working reliably on your telephone line? Your modem probably has a setting that will determine how long the signal can be interrupted before it disconnects, but that may not be the same for all modems. This is entered as an Extra Setting via Control panel - Modems - Properties - Connection - Advanced. But you need to know the Extra Settings for your modem.

  Stuartli 15:41 19 Feb 2004

Or it could be something as simple as not listing your ISP as your default connection, that the Advanced settings for your connection are not configured correctly or that OE's Send/Receive panel has the Hang Up When Finished box enabled.

  GlobalPC 16:01 19 Feb 2004

It could also be "noise" inside your PC. What other cards were fitted? sometimes rf can play havoc with modems, much like nosie on the line. I've even know rf cordless phones/keyboard/mouse/network card etc. interfering. The hardest I had to track down was a video sender in the same room as the pc.

Try disabling the extra PCI devices that were installed, one by one, in device manager and see if you can rule them out.

  xania 16:09 19 Feb 2004

In my experience, once Windows has found you modem in a particular PCI slot, it does not like it to be moved. However, this sounds as if you've got a machine still under warranty with a harware probelm generated by work carried out by Carerra - let them sort it out. Ideally, get rid of the PCI card and get a USB modem.

  Frogger 08:01 22 Feb 2004

Thanks for all your advice. Carerra's third party engineer spent 2 hours onsite trying various options and it turned out to be IRQ sharing conflicts on some of the PCI slots. This meant that the Modem would only work in one PCI slot which was not shared with another.

Original problem seems to be resolved, ....except when I try and download large files more than 1 or 2 MB. The Modem then disconnects. Unsure if this is part of the original problem, or whether Firewall or other settings resticts the max size of file which can be downloaded.

Any help appreciated. Ta.

  Gongoozler 08:09 22 Feb 2004

I don't think anything in your computer will restrict the size of file that can be downloaded, but your ISP may do so.

  xania 09:12 24 Feb 2004

The bast way to overcome this problem is to use a donload manager that will allow you to continue your download once you are back on-line. For options, type 'Download managers' into your favourite search engine.

  Stuartli 09:15 24 Feb 2004

FreshDownload (no ads etc) is free from click here

It has a Resume and Pause mode (if these are supported by the server).

Very simple to use and very effective I've found.

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