modem connection speed

  laurie_datlen 14:01 12 Jun 2003

i have an intel 56k internal modem and it only connects at 40000kbps max and usually at only 36888kbps how can i increase this to 56000kbps that its supposed to connect at


  pj123 14:09 12 Jun 2003

In my experience you can't. I don't think you will every get 56. It should always be somewhere between 35 and 44. It is to do with analogue telephone lines and converting to A to D and then D to A.

  Agent Smith 14:10 12 Jun 2003

I doubt very much if you achieve 56K. You might ask BT (if you're with BT) to boost the 'Gain' on your line, that helps. Also disconnecting any phones on your line also helps. I connect at 48K with one phone connected when I connect the other phone I drop to 46666 or 45333.

  anchor 14:11 12 Jun 2003

I doubt that you will ever find a 56k modem that will connect at 56,000kbs.

The speed of connection depends on various factors, the quality of your telephone line being one of the principal ones. Perhaps your line has a DACS, ask BT. Maybe, if you ask nicely, they may turn up the gain.

36.9kbs does sound on the slow side; when I had ordinary dial-up I typically got a 46-48kbs connection.

  Agent Smith 14:11 12 Jun 2003

I should also mention if you have a line splitter (DACS Box) that also slows down your connection speed.

  laurie_datlen 14:13 12 Jun 2003

thanx for the help neway

  DieSse 14:15 12 Jun 2003

You can't increase it to 56000 - the fastest they can ever connect at, due to telecom company restrictions, is 53667 - and you would have to have the best possible circumstances to acheive that.

Typical connection rates are 40000 to 52000 - so you're not doing so badly. Things that can affect the connection rate are mainly line quality, the "goodness" of your modem, time of day, how many devices you have on the telephone line, the quality of wiring in your house. You can ask BT to increase the gain on your line (ie - boost the power) - which they may do, and it may help.

And remember, the reported connection speed is just that - what it connects at - most set-ups will adapt themselves up and down depending on how well they find themselves performing - too many transmission errors, and down goes the speed (doesn't show on the connection speed shown tho'!).

  The Sack 14:52 12 Jun 2003

With a DACS applied you cannot connect over 33K so that isnt the problem

  The Sack 14:54 12 Jun 2003

Also the reported speed that windows shows is only the speed of the initial hand shake and is of little relevance once you are up and running click here to see your current surfing speed

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