modem connection problem

  mariamum 15:46 02 Apr 2003


hope someone can help me, a friend installed some more memory into my computer and a new modem, he couldn't find the driver cd and has now left the country..very handy. But has left me in a bind, I have found the driver (clever me) on the hardware but now I have a problem with the modem connection, yes it is plugged into the phone line and it did once work. Please advice, should I take it to maplins???? or get some one in to fix the problem...i live in peckham

thanks in advance

  Megatyte 16:04 02 Apr 2003

A few details on your computer will be needed. Operating System , modem make/model etc.

Haven't got time to go further with this right now but hang in there, someone will be along to help.


  mariamum 16:08 02 Apr 2003

its a white box, but cant remember much else its all at home
maplins is where i believe it was bought

  Diemmess 16:21 02 Apr 2003

Modems can be a pain, yours is proving so!.........I am only speaking from my experience, others will have simpler ideas.

Assuming you have W98 - similar for every other except XP (Ican't speak for that

First get rid of all remnants of a modem in Windows. ....... Click your way through Control Panel > System > Device Manager and click on Modem........ Now click on Remove.)

Second... Reboot

Third as Windows comes up it should say ....Found new hardware looking for drivers etc....
When you are asked for the driver disk, pop in the CD and browse your way to the exact folder for the drivers you want.

This is the tricky bit because there are so many modems and o/s alternatives. Hopefully the little chit that came with the modem may tell you which one. Just persist, hope you get it right!

  mariamum 16:26 02 Apr 2003

the problem is I dont have the cd, i found the driver on windows 98, but i shall try the deleting idea, fingers crossed, but it is very frustrating...

  tbh72 16:34 02 Apr 2003

I am currently at the maplins website. I assume the new modem is external & how does it connect to the computer?

  Diemmess 16:36 02 Apr 2003

The driver you have found is probably the one for the old modem. Try it if you have nothing else, but don't be too hopeful..

I guess your modem problem and Internet access are not in the same place. ......Try and find out from Maplin the modem's name. Then you may be able to download the drivers from the net, and then how to take that lot home...... Oh dear!.

  tbh72 16:37 02 Apr 2003

click here

is the above your modem?? If so we can start looking for some drivers for you?

  Diemmess 16:39 02 Apr 2003

You could be just the person mariamum is looking for..........I don't think the modem is external, I think it is all plugged in but simply not properly recognised by Windows

  mariamum 16:43 02 Apr 2003

OMG....that is was V90 something or rather

You are brilliant!


  tbh72 16:46 02 Apr 2003

Right - Now for the next problem, locating driver that you can d/l for it? You'll notice there are no direct links on the maplin website.

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