Modem cannot find dial tone

  Jota 07:16 11 Dec 2004

Trying to connect to internet using Win98. Computer can see modem properties and drivers loaded, but when trying internet connection wizard message says Cannot detect modem. Tried everything I know even connecting another modem which tells me NO DIAL TONE. Any ideas - thanks.

  Gongoozler 07:35 11 Dec 2004

Modems can be very fussy about how the software is installed. If this is an internal modem, then when you look at its properties via Device Manager is it on the correct port (usually COM 3)? Try removing every reference to the modem or enumerator in Device Manager, check whether there ar eany more recent drivers available and reinstall them strictly following the instructions, especially with reference to the software installation sequence.

When no dial tone is reported, this can be caused if the modem is set to the wrong country, it can also happen if the telephone has a feature such as BT Answer that is causing something other than the normal tone.

  Jota 07:52 11 Dec 2004

Thanks, but all that checks out OK

  Stuartli 09:30 11 Dec 2004

In the modem's configuration have you enabled Wait for Dial Tone?

  Gongoozler 10:19 11 Dec 2004

If you open Internet Explorer and click Tools - Options - Connections. Is your modem indicated there?

  Jota 12:29 11 Dec 2004

Yes its all OK. If I go into modem diagnostics it says the modem failed to respond and to check the interupt point is correctly set. I have checked the IRQ and it is set to 4 with no conflicts. PUZZLING??????

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 13:30 11 Dec 2004

With certain bt options such as call back etc, there is one that you get an interrupted dial tone when you pick up your phone. This can cause your modem not to dial or recognise the dial tone. I remember once using Tesco dial up and to resolve this I had to untick the 'wait for dial tone before dialling' in the modem properties.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 13:37 11 Dec 2004
  Gongoozler 13:39 11 Dec 2004

Hi Jota. We are getting confused with the two modem problems in one thread. For your unrecognised modem, try uninstalling the drivers again, then try the modem in a different pci slot.

  Carafaraday 16:37 11 Dec 2004

I used to get this often with Windows 98SE (now on XP). The only thing that worked was a reboot. I'm sure you've already tried that though.

  woodchip 16:50 11 Dec 2004

You have to get it on the correct Com port it may work on one of the others. It all depends on the modem. the best way of trying this is go to Control Panel\Modem Remove the Modem then go to Add Hardware wizard choose from list, it should ask which port to put it on after you choose modem from list, this is trial and error if one does not work try a different one. 1 to 4

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