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  Burma 18:24 28 May 2003


I was wandering if anyone could help.

I have a Fujitsu ADSL broadband modem, when I turn on my pc and XP has booted up it takes between 40 sec's to 2 min's for both green lights to go active on my external modem.

The modem is connected via USB, is there anyway I can speed this up ??

Also once active I have to connect manually.

Any advice/help would be gratefully received.

  -pops- 18:41 28 May 2003

I had a machine that was the same. I put the modem into a different USB socket and it worked. It should not happen like that but, - - -

Worth a try anyway.


  Morpheus© 18:42 28 May 2003

I leave mine on all the time, PC that is, 24/7.

as for connecting, we still have to click the "connect" tab....

  jediknight007 18:46 28 May 2003

I think all of us ADSL users have to Connect even if ISPs say that it's always connected. It only takes a few seconds though. What are the specs of your PC? I heard that USB devices can use up a bit of your PC's resources and can slow it down a bit when you start up Windows XP. It sometimes takes me up to 15 seconds before everything is loaded on my PC.

  Burma 19:05 28 May 2003

Thanks for your postings.

Jediknight007 - I have Athlon2100+, 512DDR ram & 80gig HD.

I just wandered if you could activate your USB's whilst windows was booting.

I'm one of these that worries about leaving my pc on 24/7.

  caast ©™ 19:08 28 May 2003

I had a similar problem that seemed to be caused with low system resources at start up. Some times I could not even get a connection. I turned off all the start up items that were not really required at start up. This solved my problem, and have no problems now. You do still need to connect unless you leave your PC running 24/7

Start/run/msconfig----startup tab if you are not sure where to do this.

  Burma 23:17 29 May 2003

thanks caast - thats done the trick.

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