Modem advice for 8mb adsl upgrade?

  Bill Bixby 01:46 05 May 2006

Got a date for adsl max upgrade which will be 9th May. However I currently connect using a usb modem that 'dials up' whenever I want to use the internet instead of a router. Will I have to leave the modem connected for the 10 days after the upgrade while the line sorts itself out to achieve the highest stable speed? Will it be ok to turn off at night?
Or should I just go out and get a router and have that 'on all the time' ?
Many thanks

  Mytob 01:51 05 May 2006

I have never heard about having to leave the modem on all the time to sort itself out befor! The adsl mode you have at the moment should be fine. My preferance is for router filewall combos as they offer more protection from hackers and worms iv discovered. Befor i got my first one my software firewall was going of constantly but now with my hardware one in place i hant had anything for months. Be warned though just because you have a hardware 1 dont meen u dont need a software one aswell as hardware only protects agint incomming and not outgoing!!!!!!

  smokingbeagle 04:49 05 May 2006

click here
is an explanation of the 10 day period.

If you're connecting a single computer, stick with the modem (if it's capable of 8MBs).

  Bill Bixby 11:20 05 May 2006

Thanks for the info smokingbeagle.

  amonra 13:08 05 May 2006

Thanks for that article smokingbeagle, it should be made mandatory reading for all the would-be 8 meggers that frequently ask the same question "Why cant I get 8 Meg ?" Some people just aren't prepared to do a little research.

  Stuartli 13:35 05 May 2006

Most ADSL modems supplied by ISPs for current speeds are capable of up to 8MB throughput.

  Dipso 15:33 05 May 2006

Think it's worth mentioning though, that some USB modems may need a driver upgrade (e.g. the Speedtouch 330) to achieve the higher speeds Max can deliver.

May be worth checking on the manufacturers site.

  Dipso 15:38 05 May 2006

That should read driver amendment :)

  Stuartli 15:46 05 May 2006

(May need) ..driver upgrade.. was correct..:-)

  smokingbeagle 10:50 13 May 2006

click here
An explanation of sync.

  smokingbeagle 10:50 13 May 2006

oops wrong thread

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