gisjo 23:28 09 May 2005

I have a alcatel speedtouch modem you have to double click to connect. is there a adsl modem that i can buy thats allways on i have a
normal bt line not cable

  DieSse 23:53 09 May 2005

Hi is not a function of the modem, it's a function of what type of connection you have. Most connections these days are "pseudo dial-up" - that is you have to make and stop the connection.

If you want it to be "always on" automatically, then set it to run the connection as Windows starts up.

However, ISPs don't ususlly like you to do this, as it ties up an IP address as soon as you switch on, and it's fairer all round not to do this, especially as useage of ADSL gets mre widespread.

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