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  Graham. 08:56 03 Nov 2007

I have an Acoms AP-202 click here which is used to trap feral cats. The transmitter can't be switched on before we spring the trap, as cats can hear the carrier from the receiver in the trap and will not come near.

(I should mention that the cats are neutered and returned to their colony.)

The switch to turn on the transmitter has become stiff, and by the time we have fumbled with it and operated the release lever, the cat has escaped.

If I wire in a push button to turn it on, and fix the lever in the release position, would that give us a simple push button release?

  johnnyrocker 09:03 03 Nov 2007

would not a touch of WD 40 work wonders on the stiff switch?


  Graham. 09:13 03 Nov 2007

Unfortunately not. I've had it to bits, the switch is soldered to the PCB.

I've ordered a new unit, once that arrives I can experiment with the old one.

  johnnyrocker 09:16 03 Nov 2007

surely it still has moving parts or have i misunderstood.?


  Graham. 09:51 03 Nov 2007

WD 40 would possibly help, but I'm taking the opportunity to provide a simple one button trigger.

The system as it is requires a push of the switch with the left thumb, swiftly followed by a push of the lever with the right thumb.

As the wait for a 'victim' is hours, rather than minutes, you have to pick the transmitter up first. Any fumbling means the cat gets away, and will not go near the trap again. Even if it's ravenous.

  Totally-braindead 09:57 03 Nov 2007

You can replace the switch if you are really good with a soldering iron but it would be differcult. Replacing the switch with another would work as well but transmitters vary and you may find the switch is mounted on a Printed Circuit Board making it very differcult to replace.
I personally wouldn't try to replace the switch I would get another transmitter as they should be only about £10. You might find that you can only get a replacement off ebay as 27mhz was replaced by another frequency some time ago and I'm not sure if they still sell them.
Interesting what you say about the cats detecting the receiver as I've never heard of that.
If you are really desperate to repair it and the switch is jammed on the on position then you could wire a seperate switch into the battery pack as that would possibly be easier. Bit messy but easier.
Still think getting another trannys a better idea though.

  Graham. 09:05 04 Nov 2007

I've bought a push to make button to wire in parallel with the switch. I can try it out on Monday.

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