mobo/processor upgrade to Dell XPST500

  Newuser3825 15:46 07 Jul 2003

Hi to all you very intelligent guys and gals,
I have a Dell XPST500 Pentium 3 system which was the dogs dangly bits when I bought it new 3 years ago (yes...a 500 P3 was that just 3 years back!).
I use the PC mainly for home business use (for which it's great) and the only real gaming is Flight Sim 2002 Pro (sorry, I'm a bit sad I know). With this in mind, the processor is really showing its age and even with a slightly overclocked GEForce 2 MX400 (64MB) Graphics card, the frame rates are struggling on high detail scenery screens.
Whilst I can go down Aldi's and buy a brand new Medion PC 2.6GHz Pentium 4 for 800 smackeroonies that looks like that it can do everything bar wiping one's backside (it may do, but it isn't in the spec), I would prefer to keep the Dell and upgrade the MoBo and processor initially, followed shortly afterwards by an improved Graphics card (I'm not worried about sound, etc -the existing Creative S/B OEM suits me fine). Whilst I've added bits and pieces over the past couple of years, I have never ventured so far as MoBo's/CPU's/DDR ram etc and really don't know the first thing about them.
Anybody have any advice/recommendations (e.g. Pentium/AMD) as to what I should go for bearing in mind a budget of about £200 (excluding the Graphics card). Any help at all will be appreciated.

  Lú-tzé 16:11 07 Jul 2003

Be careful - Dell uses a lot of proprietary components (including PSUs) which cannot connect to other components. I read a review somewhere of the trouble someone got into with an attempt to upgrade a Dell - I will do a search for it and post the link if I find it.

  Lú-tzé 16:14 07 Jul 2003

click here


click here

At the very least you willneed to upgrade the PSU at the same time.

  oeufbum 17:56 07 Jul 2003

Hi Lú-tzé
Thanks for this info and the excellent links. The PC was bought new in June 2000 therefore according to the info there I will definitely need a new PSU. I will look up some prices tomorrow for all the bits and make sure everythings compatible before I venture into unknown territory!
Failing that, I have an inkling that I'm about to add a teeny bit more to Aldi's 2003 profits.
Cheers again

  Lú-tzé 18:00 07 Jul 2003

If you want the Aldi machine straight away, go to Toys'r'us and it is there for a good price (maybe even better than Aldi). It is branded as cybermaxx but in reality is the Medion.

  Prof ;o) 21:23 07 Jul 2003

If you want to just replace the MB and CPU get a GA-7VAXP MB(cheap, great performer with all the toys you want and then some)for about £100 followed by an AthlonXP 1800+(1.5GHz)for about £70 and then from 256MB DDR PC2100 for £30 or if you go to a PC fair and buy all that from the same place and pay chash the ppl on the stall will probably give you a discount if you ask cos u bought by cash.


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