MoBo will not recognise processor

  RossThomo 21:33 19 May 2006

I have replaced my xp2500(Barton)processor with an xp3000(Barton)but the bios only sees it as 1750mhz. FSB is 333, it appears to be the multiplier that is the problem, the bios (f11) should support Bartons and the 2500 Barton is ok. I had the same problem with my GA7-VAXP but that was easily solved by using the jumpers to set the multiplyer, the va only has an FSB jumper. Can anyone help?

  RossThomo 21:35 19 May 2006

Sorry the MoBo is a Gigabyte GA7-VA

  woodchip 21:42 19 May 2006

Try a BIOS update

  ed-0 21:49 19 May 2006

IF your motherboard is the GA-VAXP and IF the barton is 400fsb. Then it is not supported for this motherboard. Only the 333Mhz barton 3000 is supported. click here

  ed-0 22:01 19 May 2006

You have, without doubt, the 400Mhz barton 3000+. So on this board 1.75Ghz will be the fastest speed you can get with it.

A barton 3000+ with a 400Mhz fsb has a clock speed of 2.1Ghz. with a multiplier of 10.5. e.g. 200Mhz X 10.5 = 2.1Ghz

A barton 3000+ with a 333Mhz fsb has a clock speed of 2.16Ghz. with a multiplier of 13.0 e.g. 166Mhz X 13.0 = 2.16Ghz

Yours is running at 1.75Ghz @ 333mhz. e.g. 1750mhz divided by 166 = 10.5. the multiplier of a 400Mhz chip.

  RossThomo 23:23 19 May 2006

Thankyou, very interesting, I have had this processor running for the last 12 months in a GA7-vaxp(333 max) which is almost identical to the GA7-VA although I did have to manually set the jumpers to suit what I thought was an xp3000x333, does this make sense that it has been working fine showing as an XP3000 running at around 2.1ghz


  RossThomo 00:14 20 May 2006


Cheers ed you were bang on, I have just pulled the processor and checked its identification and it is a 400mhz FSB. It never crossed my mind I had been sold this by mistake last year, still it will find a home in my lads pc which can run at 400.

Many thanks


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