Mobo upgrade - No boot!

  kentylad 11:03 26 Feb 2003

Good morning to you all

I have just recently upgraded my motherboard from a 3 year old PCChips, to a new(ish) ECS K7VTA3 (V2.0) click here
This mobo supports AMD Athlons etc hence why I bought an AMD Athlon XP 1700+, along with PC2700 DDR-RAM (DDR 333). I believe the first version of this board didn't support DDR 333. I only have the power supply connected to the board, along with 2 HDD's; Maxtor 20GB and WD 40GB with the Maxtor being set as Master, with Windows installed, and the Western HDD set as Slave: both on IDE 1. There are also 2 optical devices, one being a CD-RW and the other a CD-ROM; both LG. Last but not least, a 3.5" FDD.

Now, I have made up a small web-page (10 minute job so dont expect anything flash!) to show you what is happening when trying to boot.

click here

Hope you can help :-)


  powerless 11:12 26 Feb 2003

Make sure that memory and every other component is properly seated and is not shorting out etc...

Check that the jumpers on the motherboard are all in the correct position, consult the little chap "Manual"...Take your time.

You could aslo start by reinstalling windows from scratch - If you have a backups of your files etc that shouldnt be a problem...

  kentylad 11:19 26 Feb 2003

I have checked the memory etc and trust me, Mr. Manual has been opened more times than the Bible!

I'm not too keen on re-installing Windows again, as I have no means of proper back-up....

Thanx anyway


  powerless 11:35 26 Feb 2003

OK well you do not need the CD-rom, floppy, sound card, etc...Remove them.

Just have the Hard drive and the graphics card connected.

Now see if the computer boots into windows. If it does then its a processs of elimination as to which component is causing the error.

  kentylad 11:53 26 Feb 2003

Shall I just use the HDD set as Master i.e. the one with Windows?


  Paul2003 12:09 26 Feb 2003

Have you reinstalled windows since you changed the mobo?

Reinstalling may be your only option as the old windows install will be loading or trying to load drivers for your old mobo.

  kentylad 12:41 26 Feb 2003

I didn't think this would be a problem to be honest? I re-installed windows not that long ago with the old mobo, but no, not with the new

Looks like I have no option really :-(

  Paul2003 14:16 26 Feb 2003

Unless you want to reassemble your old PC and remove everything from device manager then reinstalling is the only option and probably the best option.


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