MoBo Upgrade

  sdf 21:46 29 Jan 2004

hi all,
tomorrow i will putting in a new mother board and processor, just to confirm, I dont need do anything silly like formatting my HDD do i? just uninstall all the motherboard drivers before I swap them, then when the machine is rebuilt with new components just install the replacement drivers? confirmation would be appreciated

  accord 22:05 29 Jan 2004

back up any important info first if i was you, just in case.

answer to you question..... im not sure but im sure others on this forum will give advise

Personally, I would always reformat the hard drive if installing a new mobo. THe reason is that each and evey motherboard needs its own drivers and these are so vital to the smooth running of the system that they are also all loaded at startup. To simply install another set of drivers may well cause conflicts that can be problematical.

However, I do appreciate that you are able to get away without a reformat and simply reinstall the new drivers - even Windows will often supply all the "generic" drivers that are needed without even the motherboard disk.

The question is, are you going to be happy with all this cluttering up your drive and that makes a reformat in the future even more likely, or would you rather start afresh now?

Also, dont forget that if you are using XP you may well need to reactivate when it recognises the new board in any event..

  gudgulf 23:31 29 Jan 2004

Upgrading the motherboard is probably the most fundamental change you can make to your pc.If you are going to use all your existing hardware you may just get away with rebuilding and installing all the new drivers you need---Windows however has a very long memory,and all your old drivers and configurations may (probably)will come back to haunt you.

Far far better to start anew and reformat.

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