Mobo recognising large drive

  phil 15:51 10 Apr 2004

I have a HP Pavilion 8750 that originally came with a 20gb Quantum Fireball h/d. I have now fitted a Hitachi Deskstar 80 gb h/d but only 38gb gets recognised.

I looked on the Hitachi website and downloaded the utility tool for forcing m/b's to recognise larger drives but it didn't work. Just got the message that the maximum of 38gb had been reached.

The m/b is an Asus MEW-AM 1.13 and according to the Asus site the last bios upgrade was version 1003.004. has my m/b got that one?, going by the 1.13 as above.

So, is there a way of getting my full 80gb recognised or not?

  stalion 17:49 10 Apr 2004


  ened 18:04 10 Apr 2004

stalion -what does that mean?

  stalion 18:06 10 Apr 2004

takes the post to the top of the posts,no response for phil yet

  bremner 18:17 10 Apr 2004

I know your drive is not a maxtor but the same applies click here

  kotor 18:25 10 Apr 2004

Hi, Phil I'm no expert in this, but what is your Bios registering? As a last resort (I know I'm putting this first in the list) you may have to flash your bios. DO NOT DO THIS LIGHTLY.

A safer way to do this is to try out a program like partition commander, (have a look at their demo, it's free :) ) and see if it recognises your full HD. If so let it format if and split the drive as you want. If you want to buy software like this imo partition magic is the best.

Also what OS are you using?



  woodchip 18:28 10 Apr 2004

As it's a IBM drive renamed Hitachi go to the IBM site to see if they have Disc overlay software that over rides your BIOS. By creating it's own boot system

  slimbo51 20:20 10 Apr 2004

On 2 comp I have built recently both having 80g H/Drives in them (Can't rememember manf, think prob Maxtor), the drives were only reconised as 20g in total in Fdisk.

After installing a clean full copy of XP Pro on them (Drive split into 2 partions 1-10g(C Drive) 1-70g D Drive), and doing a properties on the drives in Windows after installation, the drives reverted to the correct size both in bios and windows.

This problem speaking to other people in the know is not uncommon.

Both the comps had high spec M/Boards proc and memory.

Have u checked the size of drive in Windows, rather than at a lower level such as bios or Fdisk for your info.

  QuickHare 20:40 10 Apr 2004

I went through this problem when I added an 8Gb frive to an aging Intel motherboard. The problem was that the motherboard didn't recognise drives over about 2Gb. I used a jumper on the back to use a "Drive compatibility mode" with my m/b, and then used Seagate's Dynamic Drive Overlay utility to finish it off. It worked.

However, I've also seen this problem before. The figures quoted (38Gb) is exactly the same as the maximum FAT32 filesystems can handle.
If you use Windows NT or XP, you can format the whole lot during install. If you use FDISK on Windows 95/98 or Me, you can't read past.
My advice is to either use a program that can read it all (in case it was a fault with FDISK), or find someone with Windows XP, start the installation by booting with the CD and let Windows XP setup format the drives. Cancel after this step, as you don't want to break the law by installing it fully!

  phil 21:05 10 Apr 2004

Lets go through this one at a time.

Bremner: looked at the Maxtor thing but I didn't like to try it in case it was Maxtor specific. Thanks.

Kotor: The bios was flashed by HP two years ago when it went in for a warranty repair. I presume that was when the last Asus bios update was done.
I'm using XP. Thanks.

Woodchip: I went to the IBM website but that just directs you to the Hitachi website. Looked for Disc Overlay but couldn't find anything.
The only software on there was the disc setup utility that I have previously used.
I used it again but without any difference. I still can't get past 38gb. Thanks.

Slimbo51: I have checked the drive in Windows and in the bios and it says 38gb. Belarc Advisor says the same. Thanks.

Quickhare: As mentioned previously I have XP with NFTS. I re-installed XP after I had fitted the new drive but right from the start it didn't recognise the full capacity.

Is it possible to partition the drive without losing my existing XP setup? Thanks.

  QuickHare 15:21 11 Apr 2004

You'll need a third-party program like Partition Magic to do that for you. Most of the utilities out there will destroy all data, but a handful of them preserve them.

Best advice, regardless if you have a program that can do this or not, is to backup your existing data before you attempt anything.

Alternatively, if it's a very new installation, you can use Transfer Settings and Files (from the Start Menu) to create a backup of your settings, burn it to CD (if possible) and then start afresh. When XP is reinstalled, just re-run the wizard again and choose to import the settings.

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