Mobo Question

  poogles_uk 14:27 04 Feb 2003

Is there a Socket A, AGP 8x SDRAM Motherboard?

  MartinT-B 15:03 04 Feb 2003


Why would you want one?

In the mean time, I believe the DDR boards are backwards compatible and will work with SDRAM.

  DieSse 16:21 04 Feb 2003

I would doubt it - AGP8X boards are the very latest, and there is no reason for them to use SDRAM.

SDRAM and DDR-RAM are physically different, and will not fit in the same sockets.

  medicine hat 17:24 04 Feb 2003

DDR is back to a reasonable price so upgrade your memory as well

  poogles_uk 17:38 04 Feb 2003

Ok, any ideas of what to get, mobo?. How much could i get for a Soltek SL75Kav (Latest Bios on it) + USB Flyhead and 512mb SDRAM

  MartinT-B 17:46 04 Feb 2003

How much cash are you willing to spend on it

I reccommend the Asus A7N8XD click here

It uses the nVidia nForce 2 chip set.

DDR 400
AGP 8x
6 usb2
2 firewire
Serial ATA
on-board 'Realteck' sound

Should last a long time and be as future proof as you can get atm

costs about £100.00

  medicine hat 18:47 04 Feb 2003

I agree with Martin. nForce 2 is THE chipset to look out for on high-end socket A mobos. click here Some come with on-board GeForce 4 graphics

For its Value cousin, with on-board GeForce 2 graphics, click here and click here

  poogles_uk 19:01 04 Feb 2003

Ok, right, Nforce is graphics? I don't need it so its a waste of money for me. I have a geforce 4 ti4200 card.

click here

Is a list of all the motherboards i can get easily. Any of them any good?

  MartinT-B 10:57 05 Feb 2003


nForce2 is the Motherboard chipset. It controls the MoBo. Also made by nVidia but NOT TO BE CONFUSED with the Graphics chipsets that they make.

The other main MoBo chipset for socket A is the Via. The nForce is better, much better.

Serial ATA is a new way of connecting HDDs - Seagate have just released the first SATA HDD, others will follow soon.

This chipset also works better with 2 sticks of 256 DDR RAM rather than 1 stick of 512. As long as you have 2 identical (same size, same manufacture) sticks of RAM you get more 'bang for your buck'.

The onboard sound by 'Realtek' means that you don't need a dedicated soundcard immediately - Unless you want to turn your PC into a mixing desk or run DVDs with 5.1 surround sound you won't really notice the difference.

2 Firewires are extrememly useful and you can add more with a PCI card.

6 x USB2 (4 back 2 front) should cover most needs and you can add a USB hub if needs be. Some monitors have a hub built in.

What more can I say?

click here is a review 6 MoBos using the nForce2 chipset.

I copied some of the 'Final Words'

Final Words
We'll get straight to the point by simply stating that each and every one of these nForce2 motherboards will meet the needs of a different type of user. There are all types of users, including power users, overclockers, tweakers, modders…there's just no end to it. One thing is clear however; if you're going to be purchasing an Athlon XP motherboard in today's market, you'd be insane not to choose a motherboard based on NVIDIA's nForce2 platform

  poogles_uk 18:09 05 Feb 2003

Ok ta, what about the ones on my link, are these any good? Cos they are easier ffor me to get.

  MartinT-B 10:04 06 Feb 2003

Of that list, the 2 I have heard best reports are:

Asus A7N8X Deluxe. There are two listed on your site, you want the more expensive one with Firewire, USB2 etc. The total appears to be £97.33 incl.

The other is the

Epox 8RDA+ which is very overclockable (apparently!) available to you for £95.13, but the Asus has more features if overclocking is not your bag.

These are the only 2 nForce2 boards your stockist has.

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