Mobo & Processor Compatabiity

  Sic 09:09 19 Nov 2006

Dear All,

I'm going to upgrade my pc as its getting a little long in the tooth. As i don't want to chuck everything away in one hit (I have decent memory and graphics cards etc) I'm going to buy an ASRock 775 Dual VSTA motherboard that has a AGP8x and PCI-E graphics slots and will take both DDR and DDR2 ram.

My question is this, the motherboard is socket 775, so will it take a Pentium D 940 dual core chip? Looked through dozens of sites and its just not clear!!

Otherwise, can anyone recommend another motherboard that will allow me to retain most of my current hardware and run a dual core chip with the option to upgrade to DDR2 and PCI-E components later down the road?

  gudgulf 09:19 19 Nov 2006

As far as I can tell the answer is yes.

I hope so because I am about to put a Pentium D945 on one to upgrade a friends pc.........and I am buying one for myself to act as transition to the newer PCI-e technology.I intend to put a base model Core2 Duo on that.

click here

It says "Compatible Processors Pentium 4, Celeron D, Pentium Extreme Edition, Pentium D, Core 2 Duo"

The board should run everything including a Core2 Duo.

  Sic 09:28 19 Nov 2006

Yep i saw that on their site, cheers for confirming, just dont want to mess up!

So what is the difference between the Pentium D Dual Core chips and the Core 2 Duo chips then? As the Pentium D Dual core's seem to have far higher clock frequencies? (but are cheaper)

  PSF 09:39 19 Nov 2006

I have fitted a E6600 Core 2 Duo into the same motherboard. They are a lot faster,run cooler and use less power than the older dual core CPU's
click here I would go for the Core 2 over the older dual core cpu's.....

  Sic 09:55 19 Nov 2006

Cheers PSF, how are you finding the Mobo?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:04 19 Nov 2006

I recently bought this motherboard together with an E6400 core 2 duo and a sata2 250 gb hard drive.
I was upgrading from an Asus m/b and xp2700+ athlon. I re-used a 6600gt AGP video card and 1 Gb of pc 333 memory.
The only issues I have had are that I can't get the memory to run dual channel (it's 2 sticks of 512mb) and to be fair it points out in the manual that memory has to be matched pairs to achieve this - the other problem is of my own making - I read the spec as SATA 2 when in fact it's SATA x2 - no real problem as I reset the jumper link on the drive to run at 150mbs.
The board is great value for money but the layout makes tidy cable layout a bit difficult - otherwise a problem free instal.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:08 19 Nov 2006

If your into a bit of tweaking the E6400 is hard to beat in the cost/performance stakes !

click here

  Probabilitydrive 10:17 19 Nov 2006

Quote from Micro Mart (issue 925)in response to a guy intending to buy Penttium D 945 Socket 775, Pewalwe Dual Core:

"....The Prescott was a disaster for Intel. Its incredibly inefficient, stupidly hot ...Since the Pentium D is nothing more than a couple of Prescott's glued together - now that's what I like to call double trouble - reconsider your position.....steering well clear of a Pentium D spend a few extra quid on an E6400 C2D- it whips every Pentium D..."

I was running an AMD FX-53, I'm running now an Intel E6700 C2D and yes, its an incredible chip.

  Probabilitydrive 10:18 19 Nov 2006

Pewalwe = Presler

  PSF 11:23 19 Nov 2006

It is on my sons pc and runs well. I used a E6600 Core 2 Duo and 2GB of DDR ram and used a ATI 9800 GTX AGP graphics card. It all works ok. The cpu at max runs at 43c under full load :-)
The only problem I had with it is the motherboard temperature sensor in the BIOS indicates the cpu is running at approx 400c, and motherboard about 340c!!!
There seems to be a decimal point missing. I did contact Asrock about it and it baffled them, LOL. Updating the BIOS has not changed it. If the temperatures are checked using Everest they are ok.

Arthur Scrimshaw:
Have you updated to the latest BIOS? There are memory fixes in Ver 1.4, the latest is version 2.2.
Try updating to see if it makes any difference, don't forget after you update the BIOS load the default values first re-boot and then tweak if needed.

  PSF 11:36 19 Nov 2006

Sorry to Hijack this, this might be relevant to Sic as well.

This is from the FAQ section click here

'If the BIOS version is P1.00, we recommend to use DDR400 and DDRII667 memory module; however, BIOS version is P1.10 and later can support DDR400, DDRII533 and DDRII667, so if you will use DDRII533 modules on your system, we suggest you update bios to P1.10 or later version.'

It looks like you might need DDR400 ram to work. Try the BIOS update first you never know...

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