Mobo or psu, fans on but no-one at home to contact

  josie mayhem 22:14 12 Feb 2005

I've been having trouble to install a agp graphic card, at first I thought it was an incapability issuse, so change from a nvidia card to an radeon 9550, which seemed o.k.

So tonight I decided to install a t.v card, I had problems with this. All work well at first, then I rebooted the computer to do something sle, screen blank monitor lite flashing, so turned off and reseated graphic card. No problems, I then uninstalled tv card and reboted no problems, had to another reboot, and no nothing as such!!! There is power going into the mobo, when psu is switched on it shows that mother board is ready to power up. But when you press start switch, the fans come on for a moment then turn off, and the lights on the mobo say its recieving power and ready to go. If I flick the case power on switch several times in quick sucession, then the fans will kick in but nothing else happens, then after several minutes it all goes back to basics.

Is this a psu issuse, (the unit is 400watts and only a couple months old)so is more than enough to cope with what I have. Or have I got a suspect mobo and it has died on me. The mobo is only a couple of month's old. Abit kv8 pro with an sempron 3100+ processor. Graphich card is an abit guru radeon 9550 128 mb, 512mgs of ram.

Could this be why I've had so much trouble over installing an graphic card?

  Noelg23 22:46 12 Feb 2005

well I am abit stumped mate but it could be a number of things...all of which you have listed...if it was me I would remove everything and try each of them one at a mobo with CPU and graphics then with the TV card...but u never what it might be...

  josie mayhem 23:11 12 Feb 2005

What leads me to ponder it's the psu, for my birthday, hubby brought (he paid I choose) a new case for my computer, problem, case an expensive large one, the 300watt psu that I had, the leads weren't long enough. SO brought an 400watt, this failed, didn't work but pcworld wouldn't repalce it has I didn't have the box, or receipt.

So had to buy another identical psu, (I must admit that at this point I decided to be a bit noughty and take the unit back several weeks later and get my money back using the newer receipt)

When I got the new psu home, I noticed that not only that the box had been opened, it also smelt of electical burning. I was so igoned be cause I have very limited access to local computer shops and pcworld is basical the nearest, but still a quick visit take well over an hour in traveling alone. So decided to try it, it worked so I left taking it back!

So should have I knowen beter?

  Totally-braindead 23:31 12 Feb 2005

I too would check the PSU first, disconnect everything you can , cdroms etc leave just the motherboard graphics and sound card and see what happens. If it boots ok then reinstall the TV card, if it still boots ok try reconnecting the others, if somewhere along the line it fails then you know that the power supply can't deliver enough power. Just because the power supply has 400w on it doesn't mean it can actually supply 400w - unless of course its a good quality well know make, all power supplies are not the same.

  josie mayhem 00:03 13 Feb 2005

The power unit was purcahsed from pcworld, and if I'm right it's jedtech or something semilar, at the time that all they carried. I did ponder weather it was the case switch, the cause of the problem, but there is a heavty sloid sound to this when uou click it.

I've already tried booting with out the power supply. I can tomorrow, has it's abit late now. and see if for convience that I can get it nearer to my other computer and see if I can reach with it's cables to boot it up, or change supply units over, the only difference being the old one is only 300watts, but does have the right connections.

If I end up doing this and it stil doesn't boot, put power still going in to kick the fans into life, and register that the board is ready to go; Does this mean that I have a dodggy power supply unit?

  Gongoozler 09:01 13 Feb 2005

Hi josie mayhem. Do you get any POST beeps?

  Totally-braindead 11:08 13 Feb 2005

Try what I said first disconnect everything then add one thing at a time till it fails, you will then be able to work out if its the power supply or not. If the fans start but there is no signal to the monitor then listen for beeps from the speaker this will tell you whats wrong click here . If there is power going to the mainboard but no signal to the monitor then it could be lots of things but as long as you have the PC speaker connected you will hear the bleeps and it will tell you whats wrong.

  josie mayhem 11:14 13 Feb 2005

No post beep.

I've tried again this morning, push the on swicth get a solid click from that, the led lights light up, fans start and with in a second it turns off, if I flick the switch quickly serval times then it will kick in, and all my fans will start, case fans, graphic card and cpu fans, it will hold like this for a minite for so, there is no other activity, bleeps or anything. But the motherboard lights show that power is getting to the motherboard.

Being an Abit kv8pro, it has a leded read out, telling what stage of the boot up process it is at, it goes to 9.c and that as fair as it goes. What this means I don't know because in my manual it isn't mentioned, the only jest I get, is that around about the 9's area seems to be something carcerning powering of the board?

  fuzzyone 11:25 13 Feb 2005

josie mayhem,

sounds to me like the problem, may lie with your processor.

  bunz 11:28 13 Feb 2005

I could be wrong but I thought flicking the power switch very quickly could damage the mobo/processor? I know of several machines a few years ago which were damaged in this way - it may be that there is some kind of protection now so don't hold me to this.

  josie mayhem 11:34 13 Feb 2005

I've just disconnnected everything, and symptons are the same, kicks in for second then swicthes off, and if I flick the swicth quickly then it will kick in for slightly longer, no beeps.

I will try the psu, on this computer to see what happens. MOst of the kit can be tested on this one, except the memory, and processor.

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