mobo graphic card

  handy4x 18:26 11 Oct 2006

i have an msi socet 939 motherboard with a ati 200 chipset pci express i am having truble with the grapics crashing the system as the old carddeveloped a fault under waranty it was replaced but with a nvidia card instead of ati could this be causing it to crash when playing games[only]

  Totally-braindead 18:33 11 Oct 2006

Bit puzzled as I thought the ATI 200 was onboard graphics. I didn't realise there was a seperate card called this.
Are you sure they replaced the card?

  handy4x 18:37 11 Oct 2006

no it is the chipset as nforce 3 or 4 for nvidia

  Totally-braindead 18:42 11 Oct 2006

Sorry for being thick here. What you are saying is you have a MSI motherboard which uses a ATI 200 chipset and had a nvidia card on it which was faulty and which they replaced with an ATI card and since then you've had this problem.

Have I got that right?

If you're sure that is right could you tell me what graphics card you now have.

  handy4x 19:26 11 Oct 2006

no other way roundthay replaced with nvidia ididnt complain as was better newer card

  Totally-braindead 19:30 11 Oct 2006

So what card do you have now?

And has it had these problems from the start or is it new?

  handy4x 19:35 11 Oct 2006

gforce xfx 7900gt at first though it was power so tryed two power supplys now hyper 580 wat sli ready

  Totally-braindead 19:41 11 Oct 2006

Well that was one thought I did have but its a very good power supply so thats not it.

Before you do anything else I would check your motherboards website, perhaps even the forums on it to see if there is a problem with using a nvidia card on this particular ATI based motherboard, there may if there is a known problem be a BIOS update for example. I only say this as you haven't confirmed whether you had this problem from day 1 or if it worked for a while and then did it.

I would also try reinstalling/updating the graphics card drivers and there is a program you can run to get rid of all ATI graphics drivers in case some of it was left behind and is causing a conflict. I don't have the link to it unfortunatly but I'm sure someone will give it to you.

  handy4x 20:01 11 Oct 2006

have removed all ati traces as far as i can and i have updated the bios to the latest and the graphics driver my latest thought is mabe th cards power socket is faulty tried diferent conecters wil tr msi forums though

  Totally-braindead 20:50 11 Oct 2006

I had an ATI card that turned out to be faulty. What it did was worked perfectly on the desktop and only failed when you were playing a game. I also initially thought power supply and changed that but it was the actual card.
I presume your card is PCI Express and theres no other computer you could try it on?

  handy4x 20:54 11 Oct 2006

i have not got another pci express pc nether hav any of my mates another thought the old card could it have damaged the slot or maybe the motherboard is at fault?

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