Mobo dead?

  gee drive 21:55 09 Oct 2006

just for the record:-
winfast 760GXK8MC Version 1.0
Cpu:AMD Sempron 2600+

It was working perfectly, then next day at startup:- PSU starts, Drive lights on and spin up. However, No beeps no video and doesn't access the hard drive.

Where should I look?
If I need to replace the Mobo( like for like), will Win XP OEM need to be replaced?
How can I test the CPU?

  STREETWORK 22:00 09 Oct 2006

CMOS battery could need changing, have you noticed any other problems, like the clock being slow?

Other than that its process of elimination and I would start with opening the case, start the PC and observe all the fans working, if the CPU or Grahpics fan is not running the PC will just shut itself down.

If all looks good check all the connections one by one by unplugging and replugging them back in.

Next unseat and reseat the memory and graphics card as a loose connection here can cause problems.

  handy4x 22:02 09 Oct 2006

also try reseting the cmos jumper and se if it re boots
can you get into the bios?

  it_girl 22:04 09 Oct 2006

Sorry you need another 'tested' pc to test the cpu.
Remove power to all the devices.Remove ram and listen for any bleeps.Reset Cmos jumpers.

Is it a graphics card?

  gee drive 22:07 09 Oct 2006

Grapgics and sound are onboard. I'll try the cmos jumper.

  martjc 22:14 09 Oct 2006

...If the processor fan is working, I would suspect the mobo. But to be sure you really nees to check the proc. on another board.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:31 09 Oct 2006

doesnt matter what as long as it works and fits. The machine is falling over at the post and before you condemn the board, see if a card will cure it. But before even all that, does it still have a warranty>


  gee drive 08:04 10 Oct 2006

If I need to replace the Mobo( like for like), will Win XP OEM need to be replaced?

  jack 08:51 10 Oct 2006

If the board is exectly the same spec then the should run.
But the slightest spec change and Windoze wont like it

  ed-0 11:32 10 Oct 2006

I think you need to eliminate a lot more components before you can say it's the motherboard.

disconnect everything:-

hard drives

floppy drive

all PCI cards

all but one stick of memory



all usb devices


So you just have

the cpu and fan, one stick of memory, power supply connected to motherboard, case switch connected and monitor connected.

See if it posts.

If not change ram.

If not.

change psu.

If not then think about motherboard or cpu.

  gee drive 20:51 12 Oct 2006

so far, I've disconnected everything except for a change of RAM. To do that I need to buy another stick.

What bugs me is that there are NO beeps code. It is a Pheonix BIOS so I was expecting something. click here

I found some one with a different problem who said that his gave the same beep code whether the RAM was installed or not. From that I understand that you get a beep with no RAM fitted.

I get no beeps at all!

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