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  myball123 21:44 25 Jan 2003

Hi there

I need to replace my MOBO as it has a fault with 2 of the 3 memory slots. I have 2 x 256 MB of PC133 which work. My current processor is a 1Ghz Athlon (Socket A 200 FSB). I would like some advice as to a resonably priced replacement mobo, which will also give me some upgrade path in the future in terms of new procesors (Athlon XPs). I currently have an AGP graphics card (GF4 440MX)and a PCI sound card (SB Live 1024 player), so don't need on board sound or graphics. I have seen an Elite Group K7S5A which looks reasonably ok and not overly expensive. Do any of you have any experience of this board or have any advice as to any other reasonably priced mobo that offers what I want. As I mentioned I don't have a large budget to play with hence the need to have a future upgrade path for processor.

Thanks in advance


  clayton 22:06 25 Jan 2003

As thats selling for £39 i doubt you will get much cheaper & it will take both sdram & DDR ( not @ the same time )

  pj123 22:16 25 Jan 2003

Don't get the Elite MOBO. We build PCs and was using that board and so far all 7 machines have come back with a faulty MOBO. We have now gone back to PC Chips LMR810. It doesn't take DDR memory but it will accept SDRAM. You can always disable the onboard sound and graphics to use your own cards.

Go to click here and click on bundles.

  Legolas 22:36 25 Jan 2003

I have a self build using a Elite Group K7S5A And it is running ok now, but this is the second one in this machine the first one was DOA but they are not bad for upgrade possibilities. click here

  Legolas 22:37 25 Jan 2003

Sorry the click here will take you to a thread I started a while ago on the question of motherboards

  RENNO 00:17 26 Jan 2003

I built myself a pc around the k5s7a no probs even recommended to 2 work mates also no probs . I bought it from a computer fair with the athlon 2000xp + heatsink and fan for £140 , 8months ago so its even cheaper now .

  goonerbill 00:47 26 Jan 2003


the ecs k7s5a is a great mobo. got 1 as soon as they came out and it ran great with sdram and ddr ram and no problems at all. its now in the kids pc (i upgraded to the new gigabyte mobo) still no problem and with the latest bios update it will be able to take the xp2600+

  rasalom 01:57 26 Jan 2003

had loads of problems with the K7S5A. had to disable on board sound and fit pci sound card to cure it. wouldn't recommend it. a better board is the jetway v333u. takes pc1600,pc2100 & pc2700 memory, takes latest athlon processors. costs about £60 but a great board for the price.

  Kyomii 04:16 26 Jan 2003

Pcchips and ECS are all part of same company.

FWIW I would never consider purchasing PCChips mobo even when someone has asked me to build a cheap system - however, I bought the ECS K7S5A mobo before I knew it was manufactured by PCChips.

To be fair I have not had a problem with the board until now (shows wrong CPU/mobo temp) this is after 18 months, but many, many people had various problems with this board.

Look click here

for further info - notice the problem section currently has 2738 threads for this board.

However, when the board works correctly, it works very well.

  jediknight007 04:28 26 Jan 2003

I have the ECS K7S5A motherboard and it's excellent. I'm running a Duron 1.3Ghz on it now with 384MB SDRAM. I chose this motherboard because I didn't want to spend much upgrading my old AMD K6-2 500Mhz a few weeks ago and I wanted to keep the SDRAM I currently have and not spend up at £40 on just 256MB of DDR RAM! SDRAM is so cheap and I'm planning to get another 512MB of PC133 SDRAM soon even though it isn't as fast as DDR RAM. The only problem I had was the hard drive recognising it but I solved that by repairing (more of an reinstallation) with my Windows XP disc. Although it only accepts up to an AMD XP 2000+ with a BIOS upgrade, it is an excellent motherboard overall for under £40.

P.S. I think it's much better than the equivalent PC Chips motherboards because I have read things about their motherboards not working with specific graphics cards.

  myball123 19:00 26 Jan 2003

For all of your comments both good and bad. I'll have a think, check out the forum listed and decide whether I am going to take the plunge with this one.

Thanks again


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