Mobility Radeon Drivers

  *Gary* 14:22 01 Apr 2003

Hello I have got a Mobility Radeon 7500 graphics card with 64mb ram. I am looking for some new drivers but neither Ati or Mesh Computers offer any new drivers. I have come across the following website click here Has anybody used these drivers before? If so are they any good? If not does anybody know of any alternatives? Thanks!

  Lú-tzé 14:35 01 Apr 2003

Hi *Gary* - you will need to post the details of the website where the drivers are - just copy and paste into this area and it will automatically turn into a click here!

  Big Elf 14:40 01 Apr 2003

Ati don't supply drivers for laptop graphics cards (I'm assuming that from the name), instead they expect the manaufacturer/supplier to update them. I doubt whether Mesh actually write the drivers supplied with their PC's but may be able to point you in the right direction.

  Lú-tzé 14:48 01 Apr 2003

I'v never used the Omega site you pointed to, but it could be ok.

Looking under the POWERED BY ATI part of the ATI site does not seem to throw up anything either.

  *Gary* 15:26 01 Apr 2003

The website is click here

  *Gary* 15:29 01 Apr 2003

Ok thanks. Its annoying that there are always updates for desktop graphics cards but its extremelly hard to find some drivers for mobile graphics cards. Does anzbody else know of any possible sites?

  SPW 16:30 01 Apr 2003

have a look at this: click here

this machine has the ATi 7500 graphics card, but with 32MB of dedicated DDR RAM..

  *Gary* 20:16 01 Apr 2003

thanks for the link!

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