Mobile phones and PC's

  Billy911 07:46 21 May 2004

Are mobile phones safe to use around computers?

  golfpro 08:00 21 May 2004

No No No No No...............Yes

  Billy911 08:07 21 May 2004


  Never again 08:12 21 May 2004

I have headbutted my monitor when trying to get to my mobile in the past.

  golfpro 08:20 21 May 2004

Not too sure what you mean by safe, if you mean will it damage either PC or Phone, the answer is No. If you mean will it damage you personaly, I don't know!!!!!!!

  stunned 08:55 21 May 2004

Users in my office have complained of the image on their monitors distorting and even programs playing up when their mobiles have rung, near the PC.

  Charence 10:39 21 May 2004

If you do not use shielded connecting cables for you computer hardware, when you either receive an incoming call, make an outgoing call, etc. Your devices will experience interference. This is most noticable in CRT monitors and speakers. But it is definately safe, sometimes just a bit annoying if you constantly get phonecalls.


  end 10:43 21 May 2004

I presume you are not within a" medical environment"????

  Billy911 10:17 22 May 2004

Thanks everyone for the info, and 'end' no I am not within a medical environment.

  end 11:34 22 May 2004 mobiles and medical equipment "do not like each other".......(neither does a mobile and driving a vehicle...but that"s "another story!!!)

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