mobile phone software on PC

  kimig 12:33 17 Jul 2004

Hello all

Just bought a Sony Ericsson P900 so that I can do REAL internet on the move. PC Suite which comes with it appears to install, but doesn't give me the prmised file manager so that I can transfer beween handset and PC. Am I being stupid? I know about computers, but smart phones are new to me. Thanks for all assistance

  hammers 12:41 17 Jul 2004

click on+ next to P900 icon and it will expand P900 folders here you can drag and drop.

watch DVDs on P900 too. get a 128mb memnory stick duo. get a DVD ripper or download movies from internet then encode using PV author and drag dvds onto P900. just an idea, it is great,

  Chegs ® 12:45 17 Jul 2004

I was brought a Samsung and data cable yesterday.I was asked to connect it to my PC and d/l the photos from the sim card.I 1st found a prog(from Samsung site)to access the phone thru my PC,but several hours of trying later,the software still insisted the Samsung was offline and I couldn't find anyway to access the phone from my PC.

  kimig 13:05 17 Jul 2004

Thanks, Hammers - but there is not P900 icon. There is only an entry on Start menu

  kimig 13:09 17 Jul 2004

Hammers - apologies. I found it under recycle bin - nowhere near program files or desktop or anywhere. I hang my head in shame. Thanks a lot!

  hammers 13:15 17 Jul 2004

you should have a icon on desktop as well.
if not I suggest re-install software. or go to sony ericcson website and download software from there.
also you can check your phone software is upto date and update that to.

If you have icon. click it.make sure phone is connected. either way there should be icon on desktop and in windows explorer it is the last one.

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