Mobile Phone to PC Pictures

  EFC1878 14:31 23 Mar 2005

My family was in a car accident at the weekend and we have some photos on a mobile phone that I would like to transfer to a PC.

Does anybody know how this can be done?

What software and connections do I need?

Any advice/help would be much appreciated

  Technotiger 14:39 23 Mar 2005

Hi, I have no hands-on knowledge of phone pics, but if your phone has infra-red capabilities, it would be easy to attach a infra red dongle to pc in order to transfer pics. Cheap too.


  Technotiger 14:40 23 Mar 2005

ps - bluetooth would do the same. Some have b'tooth, some have infra red.

  g0slp 14:58 23 Mar 2005

It depends on your phone - some can transfer direct to PC via USB/Bluetooth/Infrared; unfortunately some cannot.

A quick check on Google or similar should give the info you need, or post back.

  TomJerry 15:02 23 Mar 2005


  EFC1878 15:03 23 Mar 2005

Not my phone but I will find out the make and model and get back to you.

Will also look on Google

  EFC1878 04:21 27 Mar 2005

Many thanks for addresisng my query so promptly.

It is not my mobile phone in queston and the person who owns it says he is on the case and sorting it out. So far nothing he not been as proactive as you and has happended!

I will let you know how this progresses.

  g0slp 06:09 27 Mar 2005

Let him get on with it then!

Thanks, EFC1878 (great name, btw!), for updating us.

  Jake 13:42 27 Mar 2005


  EFC1878 15:54 27 Mar 2005

gOslp - glad you appreciatwe the name a knidred spirit?

Jake - I have asked him to try senmd them to his ISP and download from their server to his PC.

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