mobile Phone to PC

  EFC1878 09:30 22 Jul 2008

Further to posts about auto-run not working and having to manually run cd's to install software I have had problems connecting 2 new phones [one a Samsung the other a Sony Ericson] to the pc.

The software says that it is installed but the hardware - mobile phone- is not recognised.

Has anybody else had a similar problem?

  DieSse 09:35 22 Jul 2008

In the phone settings, you normally need to select a connection mode and/or some other settings to actually make the connection work.

Consult your phone manual for what to do in each case.

  Technotiger 09:38 22 Jul 2008

By software I assume you mean (in the case of the Samsung for instance) Samsung PC Studio.

System requirements for Samsung = Win2000 or SP family. At least 300mb free disk space. DirectX 9.0 or higher.

What OS are you using and how are you connecting phone to PC?

  Technotiger 09:39 22 Jul 2008

Oooops - that should read - or XP family ........

  Seth Haniel 09:41 22 Jul 2008

find it is easier to connect with a BlueTooth dongle

Mine is a Nokia and never yet managed to connect with the Nokia suite - but bluetooth does job straight away ;)

  Technotiger 09:44 22 Jul 2008

Hi, I too have a Nokia, I connect via USB (using Nokia PC Suite), I could never get a stable connection using Bluetooth.

  woodchip 10:59 22 Jul 2008

click here

This free one may fit the bill, see if you phone is in the list click here

  woodchip 11:01 22 Jul 2008

PS the Free one is near bottom of page

  EFC1878 17:20 22 Jul 2008


I didn't realise that I would have to adjust the settings - assume dthat they would be preset. Will give it a go.


I am running XP home and have plenty of disc space. Not sure what version of Direct X I am using.


Thanks for the link

It is just frustrating as with previous phones getitng a connection has bene a doddle. This time 2 differnet phones will not connect whihc made me think that the problem may be on the pc not the phones

Thanks for the advice I will give it a go later - out to play 6-a-sdie footy first

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