Mobile phone not receiving text messages

  lindyloo4 20:46 23 Jul 2005

Sorry it isn't a computer question but is driving me mad. A friend and I keep in regular contact by text when she is away from home. Last week she suddenly was unable to receive my text messages even if I "replied" to hers. If I call her she can receive the calls.

I'm on Orange who suggested I reset my network, my friend is on Vodaphone and has done the same. I have a Motorola, my friend a Nokia.

Has anyone any ideas? It's really annoying, I can send text to others and she can receive text from others, just not me.

Thanks and once again apologies for it not being a computer question.

  Buchan 35 21:30 23 Jul 2005

You`re more likely to get a response if you (a) copy this to Speakers Corner, or (b) Get in touch with your Mobile Company. They`ll have the answer, I`m afraid I don`t.

  lindyloo4 21:38 23 Jul 2005

I've been in touch with Orange, like I said they suggested I reset my network connection. I was hoping someone may have had a similar problem and had managed to resolve it.

  Pooke 22:18 23 Jul 2005

I have never heard of an isolated case like this it's either you can recieve all text messages or you can't.

Other than check settings, reset the phones and check you've the right number I have no idea.

When I'm at work and the missus sends me silly texts I let on that I haven't recieved them cos I couldn't be bothered to reply, could that be a reason?


  lindyloo4 22:38 23 Jul 2005

I've definitely got the right number, when I receive my friends message it says it's from her because it picks the number up from my phone book. I've tried sending messages by replying to her message or sending it by selecting the number from my phone book. It's just so strange the she can receive calls but not texts from me.

Our texts are a serious method of contact and she definitely hasn't received them ( but I know what you mean about pretending you haven't received some messages done it myself)

Thanks anyway

  Pooke 22:51 23 Jul 2005

Does she have other friends on the Orange network? Maybe it's an issue with vodafone and orange. Another question did she move her number from one network to another, number porting it's called? Might be an issue..............

Or does she have the setting in her phone that says "reply via same centre number" that option is available in some mobiles if it's in her setting make sure it is NOT switched on and the same for your mobile. that only works if you're on the same network.


  lindyloo4 23:04 23 Jul 2005

We'll check that out thanks. We have, however been on our networks all the time and had our same numbers, we'll have a look at our settings though when she returns home.

  o44wen 00:45 24 Jul 2005

that has happened to me on the o2 network. Yes a new network selection fixed it for me.

I go select a rival network say t-mobile, my phone rejects it and so i go to manual selection and select o2 and after a while my messages came through. Also if you send a text to someone else it might reset your message in box and you may then recieve messages again.

One other thing is to contact your network and ask them to force through the messages on their system. If there are messages waiting to some through they should be able to view them on their computer systems.

A good mobile phone forum is click here for every mobile phone
or click here for SonyEricsson

  lindyloo4 09:54 24 Jul 2005

Thank you. It gets more confusing because I can text her husband who is also on Vodaphone no problem at all.

I'll have a good look at the sites you indicated. I intend to phone Orange again (3rd time)and ask them to follow a text message as I send it - hoping that's possible of course. My friend is going to call Vodaphone at the same time. Fingers crossed!

  lindyloo4 22:44 26 Jul 2005

Incase anyone is interested we have resolved our problem.

My friends phone has "text screening" she didn't know she had it and didn't know why my text messages were suddenly being sent there - but all's well now and I'm allowed straight to her In box.

Thanks to all who tried to help

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