mobile phone as a modem

  morph1976 20:33 19 Aug 2003

is it possible to use a mobile phone to connect to the internet using its modem?

  John-259217 20:41 19 Aug 2003

If you mean can you connect a PC or PDA to the phone and access the net then the answer is yes.

To use the phone by itself for surfing it must have WAP capability.

  Alx 21:13 19 Aug 2003

On my phone (trium eclipse) you can set it to be used either as a phone or modem

  morph1976 22:05 19 Aug 2003

ive got a nokia 8310 and an ir port on the pc.but im having real problems setting up the modem on the phone.real pain in the ass.does it cost anything extra to use and is access slower?

  John-259217 22:44 19 Aug 2003

Set up will depend on your O/S. If its WinXP or Win2k make sure that the IR port is correctly enabled first then start IR on the phone and establish a link.

If a connection is made you should then be able to install the modem from the control panel under "standard modem types/IR modem".

I would think this also applies with 98 but I haven`t tried it.

Cost will depend on your provider and price plan.

Access speed, on standard connection is claimed to be 9800 kbs, Orange offer higher speed access upto 28,800 but I don`t think you get even these speeds very often.

Or you can subscribe to GPRS as I do. Its "more" reliable (so I`m told :-P), gives speeds which appear to be about 20,000 to 24,000, and costs a bomb!

  Forum Editor 23:06 19 Aug 2003

and can confirm what m73john has said. It works perfectly, but is very slow. I use it almost exclusively for email, and it's fine, but try surfing the web and you'll feel as if you're walking underwater.

  morph1976 22:40 20 Aug 2003

its proving to be a nightmare.i run win xp.i tried the control panel john but it isnt installing the modem..but ive noticed that the access point and gprs speed etc are missing from the phones modem so i think thats the problem

  jaygice 11:45 21 Aug 2003

just a thought why bother going to all of this when you have a pc right in front of you . just a thought

  morph1976 19:01 21 Aug 2003

jaygice its awkward trailing in a telephone extension cable and my parents winge about them tripping over it

  jaygice 19:15 21 Aug 2003

i use the phone through my pc i make and receive its great i do not have to move its even got its own answer phone

  John-259217 19:53 21 Aug 2003

Ok you have two separate problems here.

1. Linking the phone to your computer.

2. Configuring the phones modem to use GPRS.

Firstly, from the phones menu goto infrared and press select this starts the phones IR service. Point the top of the phone at your computers IR port, if all is well a popup balloon will appear from your services tray saying "another computer is nearby" at this point windows will install the phone automatically as a "standard IR modem" which you can confirm by checking under control panel/modems. If this does not happen it may mean your computers IR port is not correctly enabled.
Now you need to create a conection to use it. From the control panel, select "network and internet options" then take the first option "setup or change your internet connection",from the box that appears select "setup". This will start the new connection wizard. Make sure the phones IR connection is still active (it cuts off by itself after about three minutes if no data transfer is underway). Now use the option to "connect to the internet" then "setup my connection manually" then "connect using a dialup modem". Select the "standard IR modem" and untick all the others. In the next box for ISP name enter the name of your mobile phone provider eg. Orange. Next it will ask you for a phone number. If you intend to use GPRS then enter *99***1# finaly enter a username and password of you choice and finish the wizard.
You should now have a connection that you can start whenever the IR connection to the phone is present.

Now for the phone.
To use GPRS you must first subscribe to the service with your provider who will update your Sim as required.
When you have done this use the "settings menu" then "GPRS modem settings" scroll down to "Edit active access point" and check or enter the settings that your service provider uses.(For Orange they are as follows:-

GPRS access point = orangeinternet
Alias for access point = GPRS

you will need the correct ones for your provider.

This should get you up and running! Good luck.


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