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  User-3260B6E0-D40E-464F-B62478D4E17479D3 21:02 21 Jan 2005


Anyone got any opinions about linking mobiles to pc with a USB cable. I just got a Sony Ericsson K700i handset to replace the Nokia 7250i handset I had before. I previously tried to install the Nokia software and it messed up my pc. I just want to know if this is likely to happen again.

  Salinger 21:13 21 Jan 2005

I also bought the SE 700i and installed Bluetooth but it was a disaster - worked/didn't work - so I bought the USB cable and it works fine! The Sony Ericsson Cable is overpriced at about £35 so I purchased one from click here
It was about half the price!

  Technotiger 21:19 21 Jan 2005

Hi, I use my Nokia with Infra-red to connect to PC - very easy setup and no problems at all.


  Salinger 21:22 21 Jan 2005

As far as I am aware the Sony Ericsson does not have Infrared.

  Jackcoms 21:22 21 Jan 2005

I'm probably missing something but, having connected your mobile to the PC, what on earth do you do with it?

  Technotiger 21:25 21 Jan 2005

Hi, I was able to load all my personal phone numbers listed on my pc, direct to my phone. Can also download and transfer to phone, ring tones/games/etc.



Transfer music or pictures. You can change your mind then and it doesn't cost extra every time you get fed up with the tune/pic you have been using.

  Technotiger 21:28 21 Jan 2005

Hi, right, I was just making a point; maybe you would have been better off sticking to Nokia.

Not criticising though :-))


  Jackcoms 21:31 21 Jan 2005

Technotiger & Neild79

Ah, ah, got it!

Cheers. :-))

  Salinger 21:31 21 Jan 2005

No offence taken, but I have never owned a Nokia and have no intention of getting one!

  Technotiger 21:56 21 Jan 2005

Sorry Pal, I meant to address Neild79, not you!!

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