Mobile Phone, ebay and paypal -Some advice

  sean-278262 22:06 02 Sep 2006

Hi everyone. One of the few times I will ask for help here I hope. I purchased a phone on ebay a t610i (£37 inc postage) in july (17th IIRC). This was then shipped to ireland but never arrived. The post office tracker stated it was attempted deliver on a day when everyone was home and infact I was in the room by the front door so can attest it never arrived.

The seller to this point was helpful. I emailed them and it took nearly a week of emails before they replied with the "we were on holiday". They said they would look up the details of what was going on.

Long story short I got my refund from them today after giving up my patience on them and leaving negative feedback for what in my opinion was rubbish service from them. They replied to emails erraticly and never helped much. In the end I told them to give up and they spun the spin that they were going to wait for the phone to be returned by the post office who lost it which takes up to 3 months.

Does anyone here feel that this is totally unreasonable to send me
"Why are you being so silly regarding the lost phone, I've spent my own time and effort to sort things out for you.

I hope I never have to deal with you again, as you have been rather a pain due to your attitude

Not once have we tried to con you.

Your money has been processed through paypal"

Which I feel is a bit rude considering that they took a holiday immediately after the sale for what appeared to be over a week and then another break a few days ago and still did not refund me till today along with all the hastle of not bothering to say about they wont be able to reply?

Bearing in mind you have 90 days to give the feedback and I was 40 in with at least another month before I would likely see anything.

Can I have some opinions on if you feel I was right. I feel sellers on ebay are the same as DABS or others and it isnt my problem to sort it out. I paid for the post and it is their problem.

Opinions welcome please


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:46 02 Sep 2006

A well known scam of VAT is to:
import claim vat,
export claim a refund of Vat,
the more times the phone goes in and out of the country the more VAT can be reclaimed.

  sean-278262 22:54 02 Sep 2006

I dont know but it was a pain whatever the case was. Do you feel I was justified to give up after 40+ days?

  Simsy 06:45 03 Sep 2006

that your belief that "sellers on ebay are the same as DABS or others", is not correct. (I presume you are referring to the legal status?). I think it might be if the seller is a trader, and using eBay as a "shop front", as opposed to most of us who just use it to get rid of unwanted jollop!

However, having said that, I put myself in this position;

I sell something on eBay...

I receive payment and post it, using a system that enables tracking...

Buyer complains that item not received...

Tracking system indicates that delivery was attempted... (It's not clear from what you say whether post office says it was delivered or not?)...

Buyer asks for refund...

As the seller I think I'd wait until the mess was sorted with the delivery folk before refunding. (I'd probably treat a £2 refund differently to a ££37 one!)



  Meshuga 08:04 03 Sep 2006

This question would have been better placed elsewhere, it has nothing to do with help for computer problems which is what this forum is for.

  Fingees 09:34 03 Sep 2006

This would have been better posted on consumer watch forum.

  €dstowe 10:13 03 Sep 2006

If, as you state: "The post office tracker stated it was attempted deliver - - " then the responsibility is with the Post Office or have I completely misunderstood the problem?

  lisa02 10:14 03 Sep 2006

Feedback should ony be left after the final hurdle where everything possible had been done to resolve or complete the transaction.

Personally I think you overpaid for the phone so there is a plus side in all of this, you got your money back.

Have they left you negative feedback in return, which is what usually happens?

  zincy 10:55 03 Sep 2006

Unless I misunderstood the question, it seems to me the problem wasnt with the seller? and he/she did try to help? and the post office lost the item?

  jakimo 16:18 03 Sep 2006

If the PO attempt a delivery and fail,they are required to leave a postcard with details of the package,time of delivery and an address and times when the package can be collected

  sean-278262 17:13 03 Sep 2006

Right time to clear a few bits up.

I LIVE in Ireland as I stated in the first post so not the UK post office as some are suggesting.

There was no postcard and I remember when the post came on the day the delivery was stated to have arrived. Nothing was left just the usual bills.

The problem has been both the seller and the PO. The seller has done little to help matters constantly going on holidays and not telling me so I get no replies from them for days. The post office has blatantly lied to me and the seller as the item was awaiting to leave the uk the night before. The central depot in Ireland is in dublin a full 300miles from my home so it would not have been possible for it to have arrived here the next day unless the post workers were wanting it to be moved along fast and they never have before.

This post was meant to be in the Consumerwatch but I think I must of clicked the wrong section.

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