Mobile Internet with laptop

  KrySTaL-KoDE 14:29 14 Jan 2003
  KrySTaL-KoDE 14:29 14 Jan 2003

I want to be able to access the Internet with my laptop without wires, wherever I go.

I've heard of this but I really don't have a clue on how to do it.

Could you tell me what I need and how I should configure the stuff?

Your help is most appreciated.

  cherria 15:29 14 Jan 2003

When you say "wherever I go" do you mean roam around your house or anywhere in the country?

The former can be done using a wireless network. You need a Wireless PCMCIA card in your laptop and then you need a wireless modem attached to your broadband outlet. If you are using a modem in another machine, you would need a wireless network card in that machine so you could share the internet connection then you set up a network between the two.

If you want the latter, yuo can also use the wireless PCMCIA network card in the laptop but you will need to find wireless enabled "hotspots". many coffee shops are starting to offer this service. Alternatively you will need to learn how to interpret the markings known as warchalking where people have identified areas where other peoples insecure Wi-Fi networks can be hooked into (not very ethical)

  KrySTaL-KoDE 17:10 15 Jan 2003

Thanks, Cherria; I meant the latter.

What I want to know is, I've heard of mobile Internet access with laptops using mobiles phones as some sort of wireless connection device. I want to be able to access the Internet anywhere in the country with a mobile computer and a mobile phone.

I've also thought of doing wireless home networking between my two computers. My laptop's got an built-in WLAN facility. I'm not sure whether I need an access point for my desktop or just a wireless network adapter (the latter would be somewhat cheaper!) Could you tell me whether I really need an access point for just two computers, or whether I can just make do with a wireless adapter!

Thanks again for your help!

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