Mobile disk

  gudda96 15:01 30 May 2004

I have some data saved on a mobile disk and when I insert in my USB port to open, it is saying

The drive or network is unavailable.

I have tried to format it also but cannot do so.

Any ideas please, also, how do members overcome not being able to copy/paste to message area or use attchments to display problems??

  Graham ® 15:18 30 May 2004

You can copy and paste into the Add response. Many people use this to paste a url link, which becomes a 'Click here'.

As for attachments, this is not possible on the forum, it's not geared up for it. It would require a vast amount more memory than just text.

Do you get any free web space with you ISP? You could post an attachment to that, and post a link on here.

Can't help with the disk.

  Graham ® 15:42 30 May 2004

Make sure there is seperate power for the drive

click here

Make sure any ADSL or other power-hungry devices are not on the same USB hub (Device Manager will tell you).

  gudda96 17:27 30 May 2004


Dont know why I should need seperate power as I have used this mobile disk for months.

Like on of my floppies, i could not open it although I had used/stored/saved on it for months, it just went funny. That was solved by someone suggesting a prog called Showflop.

With ref to the mobile disk, I have recently upgraded my processor from 3gb to 80gb and I am using 5gb. I THINK I have cocked up myself and one answer for me would be if I could delete all data on it or format it, although I dont know the difference.

  Charence 20:31 30 May 2004

What type of disk/medium is it?

  gudda96 13:29 31 May 2004


It is actually called a "Mobile Disk" which you plug into the usb port, save to it, then take disk to another pc to download.

It is 64mb and cost about £30.

  Graham ® 14:17 31 May 2004

Something like this click here?

  VoG II 14:23 31 May 2004

Will the drive work on any other computer?

Does the computer beep when you plug it in?

Which version of Windows?

  gudda96 14:51 31 May 2004


Same thing, SLIGHTLY different shape but similar size.



it does bleep when inserting it.

  Graham ® 19:37 31 May 2004

Sorry I can't help further. Is it still under warranty?

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