Mobile Broadband - Sharing Possible ?

  daba 20:14 03 Mar 2008

Feasability question - Does anyone know if it possible to wirelessly share internet connection, between several laptops (say maximum of 8), using one of the USB Mobile Broadband dongles the networks are now selling.

The usage figures will not be an issue, it will be minimal, certainly within any agreed GB limit, and the website the lappys need to access does not use heavy graphics etc.

  ambra4 23:54 03 Mar 2008

Take a read

click here

  Ashrich 00:04 04 Mar 2008

click here for the required kit !! Not a bad price either considering Ericsson do a similar thing for nearly 400 quid ...


  daba 00:24 04 Mar 2008

Sorry, you may have missed the point. I probably didn't explain well.

This is what I'd like to do....

One laptop connected to internet via USB Mobile Internet dongle thingy....

Sevral other laptops connected (preferred wireless LAN but ethernet can be a possibility) on a local, private LAN Workgroup or Domain.

All able to share the internet connection provided by the one USB dongle ??

  ambra4 02:23 04 Mar 2008

Have you check out my first posting it take you to the read my

click here

  ambra4 02:25 04 Mar 2008

Sorry should read

  ambra4 02:25 04 Mar 2008

Sorry should read

  ambra4 02:29 04 Mar 2008

Kyocera KR1 3G Mobile EV-DO to Wi-Fi Router

click here

3G Phoebus Portable Cellular Wi-Fi Router

click here

Cellular (CDMA, EVDO, GPRS, EDGE, etc.) to Wi-Fi Hotspot Route

click here

  Ashrich 08:12 04 Mar 2008

Ok , so it doesn't use a USB dongle , it uses a PC Card adapter instead , a neater solution than a dongle , and as networking goes , you can't really do it the way you explain . The wireless router has to be the one that connects to the internet if you wish to share it , unless you take the time to set up a multiple ad hoc system , whereby the laptop with the USB dongle has to be connected to the internet at all times for others to be able to have access , with the router anyone can have access with the host PC being connected . Although this router uses the PC card adapter as a backup , if there is no other internet ie. through a phone line , it will automatically use the HSDPA card instead . I have found one that DOES use a USB dongle , click here , and click on 3G


  ambra4 10:17 04 Mar 2008

The Kyocera KR1 3G Mobile EV-DO to Wi-Fi Router can

use a USB mobile wireless adapter or a cellular PCMCIA card

  daba 13:48 06 Mar 2008

No offence intended guys, but the point is I can get the USB dongle for FREE, and I just have to choose the data limit per month to suit my needs, i.e. I don't have to shell out for any other hardware/router, and I'm going to need a subscription service via either 3, Vodafone, Orange, etc. anyway.

The nub of the question is whether Windows XP supports Sharing the Internet Connection ported through the USB port, to a local private LAN, that could be a Workgroup or Named Domain, and could also be Wireless or Hardwired via an existing switch.

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