Mobile Broadband issues

  J7CGM 06:44 11 Nov 2010

Has anyone experienced problems with e mail page layouts when using Vodafone or T mobile dongles.
I thought the problem was a new layout on my talktalk e mail page, but it seems to be only when I am working away from home & I use one of the mobile dongles. I have had the issue checked out with talktalk & it is not the talktalk e mail that's causing me to see a completely different layout than when I access e mail via my modem at home. The layout when using a mobile dongle is very basic & does not allow me to alter fonts, underline, do italics or even attachments etc. Very strange & frustrating & only started happening last Friday.
Regards, CGM.

  Woolwell 10:16 11 Nov 2010

I don't use TalkTalk but my mobile browsers states that there is the full version and mobile formatted version for TalkTalk. Have you got the mobile version?

  Woolwell 11:19 11 Nov 2010

Response by e-mail:
"I assume I have the full version as it has never been a problem before. The issues started last Friday. Since my posting I have contacted Vodafone who took control of my pc to try & rectify the issue, but that failed. Since then I have downloaded Firfox & I can access my normal e mail page via Firefox, but can only access the alternative e mail page via either Google Chrome or Internet explorer. A bit weard, I may leave it until I go home this weekend & see what happens after I have logged in via my modem."

  timsmith259 17:34 11 Nov 2010

with kind regards contact the isp broadband

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