Mobile Broadband data usage

  zarjazz 22:39 11 Jul 2009

Im debating about getting mobile broadband for when i go on holiday abroad in summer. I would be using it mainly to go on the Sky Player to watch the Ashes series. ive been looking at many deals but i didnt know how much data i would be using watching the ashes through sky player. I would be probably watching about 5 hours a day for 2 weeks of the ashes . Does anyone know how much GB's i would be using on average?

  Ashrich 11:07 12 Jul 2009

Forget data usage , find out about roaming charges abroad , they could , and probably will , be prohibitively expensive .

Working on the principle that you download at about 65kbps for a reasonable stream without buffering I reckon that is 16.38gb ( 65x60x60x5x14=1638000kb ), but do check the roaming price , we all heard about the chap on holiday in Portugal who downloaded some cartoons for his son and was presented with a bill for thousands .


  zarjazz 12:10 12 Jul 2009

Thanks for the reply,
Ive heard that vodafone are the only ones have coverage abroad and they are abolishing roaming charges this summer for august.

  Ashrich 14:58 12 Jul 2009

I think that may only be for phones , click here for the latest ( July 09 ) from Vodafone .


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