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Slightly hijacking the thread...

I too live in a rural area (Ewelme in Oxfordshire). Our problem is that the exchange is the other side of the Thames and the Council will not let BT place more cabling over the bridge or under the Thames - so some users have Broadband others do not (only at 1mbps).

Mobile signal is atrocious indoors, can barely get a signal and 3G is non-existant. However, outside and a few yards down the drive 3G kicks in.

Therefore my question is: Is it possible to get a High Gain aerial and have that connect to the 3G dongle to access a better signal inside the house? If so, does anyone know how, and which equipment is required?

I work in Kent and really would like to be able to work from home occasionally to avoid the 200 mile round trip every day to the office.


  woodchip 16:41 10 Jul 2009

Don't think there is any way you are going to get it, until Gov makes a move on all UK being able to get BB. This they are wanting to do. And charge everybody for the extra installation. About £6 to £8 a year. One of the things they are doing is laying Fiber Optics in Sewer Pipes

  Woolwell 17:00 10 Jul 2009

Have you considered satellite broadband?

I have looked at getting Satellite broadband, but the costs didn't seem worth it. Fiber Optic has been laid to the village next door and the RAF base, but there are no plans to extend this through the village, thus making everyone's life easier.

I'll keep investigating the High Gain and connecting it to a dongle....surely it must work.

  mimosa418 15:52 13 Jul 2009

Does your dongle have an ariel socket. What make and model is it.
I have a Huawei dongle and have read about attaching ariels on their forum
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