Mo ey 2004/5 in Win 7

  TonyV 16:04 11 Dec 2010

Having taken on board Win 7, I have been busy putting many files/programmes on to the new machine.

I managed to get Quicken 2004 in with no problems and it appears to be working correctly, even taking on board my old quicken data file.

However, as far as MS Money 2004, which appears to have updated itself to 2005, there is no way that the data file can be copied across and the backups will not go in either! So I have been setting it all up by hand. Thanks Mr Microsoft!

Equally so, when I fire up Money there is an annoying reminder coming up that says there are updates available. They are, I think, referring to financial details which I do not want and have not signed up to, to my knowledge. My question is has anyone any ideas how I can stop this window from popping up each time it is switched on? I have been thru' the help system, but as ever, this seems a non starter.



  TonyV 16:05 11 Dec 2010

Title should read Money-----


  Pine Man 19:45 11 Dec 2010

Install MS Money. Open it with the demo data that comes with it. When it tells you there are updates accept them and then Money will recognise your old backup files.

  Pine Man 20:09 11 Dec 2010

I forgot to add that when you first installed Money all those years ago it would have updated itself automatically. That is the reason that today it will not recognise your files until you update it. The update is for the program only and nothing to do with financial companies etc.

Make sure that when you run it with the demo (actually it's called sample) data you do it as an administrator.

  compumac 20:50 11 Dec 2010

I have recently installed Microsoft Money 2005 that was previously on an XP PC onto a Windows 7 PC.I copied my data files to the Win7 PC and then started the Money programme, I did not opt for set up of data but selected my data file to open and it has functioned perfectly OK.

  TonyV 00:23 12 Dec 2010

When I first installed Money on the new machine, I went thru' the update procedure then, hence my reason for waanting to get rid of the update message. I don't really want to uninstall and reinstall again to go thru' the same procedure again!

I did that as well, but it kept saying files were corrupt, though I know they were not, or they could be read only, again, not so.

I tried both with the backup file and the Data file.

I did the same procedure with Quicken and that is working fine.

I have to say I am on the 64bit Home Premium Win 7.

If there are no further ways to sort this, I may be pushed into installing it again, but would rather not! Incidentally, I am the only one using the machne (Laptop), and am listed as the Administrator.

It does so annoy me when Microsoft update their systems and essentially make it damn near impossible to reinstall their applications.



  bremner 08:00 12 Dec 2010

Microsoft are in an impossible situation.

They had no choice but to change the basic structure of their O/S to bring in new and needed improvements, the downside was that this would make old applications unusable or problematic to install.

To try and help customers they have included XP Mode and the VM in some versions of W7 to try and make old apps usable. This very often works but not always.

If you have many old applications then you may want to consider buying VM Workstation or the much cheaper Parallels

  TonyV 11:33 12 Dec 2010

Thanks for that.

I think what I will do is do away with MS Money and stick with my tried and trusted Quicken XG. Strangely enough it went in OK with no problems whatever, including the re-registration and is working fine.

I was really using Money as a duplication of the Quicken system.

Incidentally, I wouldn't have thought it was beyond the wit of man for Microsoft to ensure that their own applications would work on their new systems without the need to buy other software to ensure the correct functionality. It is a good way for them to make customers spend a lot of money to buy another issue of their applications! It might be alright for businesses, but for Joe Public, it is a bit much.



  Ian in Northampton 13:39 12 Dec 2010

Not much help, I know, but I'm happily running Money 97 - yes, 97 - on Windows 7....

"Incidentally, I wouldn't have thought it was beyond the wit of man for Microsoft to ensure that their own applications would work on their new systems without the need to buy other software to ensure the correct functionality."

Hmmm... I think you're being a little unreasonable. If you think of MS's huge history of applications, how long would you expect them to support those apps under new operating systems? Ten years? Twenty years? Fifty years? Apart from anything else, think of the testing involved. I'm no MS fanboy, but I have some sympathy with them on this.

  TonyV 14:15 12 Dec 2010

I wouldn't have thought 6 years was unreasonable. I have only been using Money for five years. (Just before they stopped supporting it!). I had no problems with XP SP3, and only changed because the new machine only comes with Win7. They need to look at those who have supported them, and not just abandon them.

I have now taken Money off the machine, it really isn't worth the aggravation.



  David4637 14:20 12 Dec 2010

What did you do to get Quicken 2004 on W7, as I will have to try and put Q2002 on W7 soon?
Thanks David

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