Mixed up O/S's

  xoc 11:56 24 Apr 2003

Have recently being getting error messages "this is not a valid 32bit function" so decided to diagnose my system, only to find that it has reverted back to the original win95 o/s, whereas I've been using win98se for years and years.
Admittedly this was installed over win95, but it has not been a problem until now.
I have two hard Drives installed.
One is the original C drive, which was partitioned,so I had C&D on this drive.
When I installed the new hard drive, this became the D drive, and the C drive changed to contain my C & E drives.
When installing win98, I tried installing it on the new D drive, hoping that I could run two systems. Win 95 on the C drive and win98se on the D drive, but didn't succeed, so both systems are on the C drive, which clogs up very easily as a result , and it's a constant battle to keep enough space on the C drive, whilst my D drive is never more than half full.
Now that I have a problem with win95 being identified as the operating system,is there anyway I can re-set up everything so that win95 stays on the Cdrive and win98se goes onthe D drive.
Failing that, any thoughts on how to resolve the original problem of win95 being identified as the main o/s??

  spikeychris 20:22 24 Apr 2003

Which drive are you booting to? If your computer says its using 95 then it is. Do you still have the 98 disk? if so it might be an idea to have a look and see if you can dual boot them. Seeing as your currently using 95 then First create a Start-up Disk in Windows 95.

I'm sure you know how but I'll bang it in anyway..

Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, select the Startup Disk tab

Then copy the file Msdos.sys from C:\ (Win95 is on C you say) to the Start-up disk, overwriting the one on the disk

Restart the computer in MS-DOS, type cd\ C:\Win98, replace C with your CD drive letter, you're installing from the CD. Then type Setup

Follow the instructions on-screen, when it asks you to Select an installation directory, select Other directory, click on Next, and type in the name for the directory, "C:\Windows.98".

When the installation is done, your computer will boot into Windows 98

If you want to start in Windows 95, you just put the Windows 95 Start-up disk in the disk drive, and restart your computer. You will have to be able to boot from your A: drive.


  spikeychris 20:27 24 Apr 2003

Or click here and do it the boring way....


  xoc 22:26 24 Apr 2003

Thanks for speedy response, but before I try your way or the boring way, let me add to the confusion by telling you that, even though the system analysis shows that win95 is the o/s/ the boot up system is definitely win 98se, and I can see this on the bottom of my screen where it states "win."
I'll take a look at the arguments for dual boot as propounded by the site link you sent, but any of the above jogs anyones memory of a similar problem, I would be grateful for a solution.
Maybe I should re-install win 98se over the existing one to see where that takes me.
Keep the ideas coming!

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