Mixed OS wireless network problem

  HauxtonPhil 15:05 26 Jul 2004

I thought I'd got this wireless business sorted, but I've just set up a system consisting of a desktop machine and a laptop both running XP home. The desktop connects to a netgear wireless adsl router via an ethernet cable. The laptop uses a netgear usb adaptor. They work beautifully. However, there is also a windows 2000 pro machine with netgear wireless usb adaptor. I connects to the Interent without any problem, but it doesn't seem to matter what I do I cannot get it to see the rest of the network. The other two machines 'see' it as exisiting in the workgroup, but cannot access it (connection disallowed or similar). Has anybody got a mixed system like this, and if so, could you find the time to tell me what should be set to what on teh 2000 machine. Thanks

  Charence 15:15 26 Jul 2004

Make sure that the network name and subnet mask are the same on all computers. Use the Network Setup Wizard and re-run it on all of the computers. Should work.


  HauxtonPhil 15:21 26 Jul 2004

The network wizard has got me into a bit of trouble on Win2000 - so I'm reluctant to use it as I don't know what the instructions mean or what the consequences are. I'm familiar with the subnet mask etc in win98 but I don't recall even seeing it on the win2000 machine.

As a side issue, the wizard created a system which required administrator log on, then it wouldn't accept password. This was obviously the wrong route to go down, but now I can't delete it. I've now reconfigured the netwrok connection so that it asks for the original password, so I don't think that this is now a problem.

  HauxtonPhil 18:54 26 Jul 2004


  TomJerry 19:44 26 Jul 2004

As for subnet mask, it will grey out when you tick get IP address automatically.

My net same as yours, one XP pro, one XP Home, One 2K, One 2K with VPN. Work beautifully.

If you have any firewall program, disable it when you do set up. You can enable it again when everything is working.

  HauxtonPhil 09:12 27 Jul 2004

Still no joy. I'm sure I'm missing something somewhere. The other machines know that the 2000 machine is on the network so there can't be a problem over network name/identity. There is no problem with the comms because the 2000 machine can talk to the router. I assume that I should be looking in 'Computers near me' on the 2000 machine for the others. This is becoming more than annoying because the kit was bought specifically for sharing resources. Anybody got any other ideas?

  TomJerry 12:03 27 Jul 2004

Maybe, you can disablle XP's buildin Firewall function to try again. It seems that XP block access of 2K, look like firewall issue.

What happen when you click 2K machine on XP machines? For my net, it asks for login.

  HauxtonPhil 15:36 27 Jul 2004

If I click on 2k machine on XP machines it says access not allowed (or words to that effect something like 'you do not have permission to access ....')

  TomJerry 20:58 27 Jul 2004

There are two ways of setting network with 2K, one is workgroup which is a few PC net together, another is "domain" which is used by a network with servers.

So make sure you use "workgroup" not "domain" when you set up 2K network.

The sympton you mentioned looks like you set up wrongly as a domain. This is just a guess.

  HauxtonPhil 21:06 27 Jul 2004

TomJerry - thanks for that. Does that mean that when I set up 'identity' I need to set the ID of teh machine to whatever the name is, but that I then must make it a member of 'workgroup' rathyer than the name of the network - which the other machines belong to? Why couldn't they make all the OS systems use the same convention?

  scooby43 21:13 27 Jul 2004

just to note with windows XP Home you cant connect them to a domain as it dont have the domain feature only xp pro as.

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