Mixed network and OS

  grandmarana 23:05 20 Jun 2006

My neighbor wants me to setup his computers for a "home network". He also wants to be able to access the Internet independently. He has cable modem to his desktop with win 2K O/S. He has wireless modem to his notebook with Win XP (SP2). I can get the desktop identified in the "My network places" but I can't seem to get the notebook connected. The desktop doesn't see the notebook and the notebook doesn't show any connection except the Wireless internet connection. Can someone tell me if this is possible and if so how to do it.

  Forum Editor 23:53 20 Jun 2006

"He has wireless modem to his notebook"

Do you mean that the notebook connects to the internet via a separate, wireless modem?

If you do, and you want to network these two machines, you would do better to connect the cable modem to a wireless router, and network the two machines via that. The Desktop machine can be connected to the router via an ethernet cable, and the notebook will have access via its built-in wireless adapter.

You'll be able to network the machines easliy, and each one will be able to access the internet, regardless of whether the other computer is running.

  grandmarana 00:36 21 Jun 2006

Sorry I wasn't very clear. I have his modem going into a router with both wireless and hard cable connections. I have the desktop (cable connection) set up for a home network (workgroup) using win2K. I tried to set up the notebook using the win xp wizard but can't get the notebook "recognized" by the wizard. It goes through the motions but then doesn't show in the network places. I have both of them accessing the internet through their respective connections. I hope this clarifies my situation and not make it muddier. Sorry I am not as literate as needed for this operation,I guess.

  grandmarana 00:51 21 Jun 2006

Networking the two computers together is the goal I am trying to reach. I want to be able to access the files on the desktop with the notebook and the access the files on the notebook with the desktop. This is the part I can't seem to accomplish.

  mgmcc 06:43 21 Jun 2006

1) Each computer should have an individual name but be in the *SAME* Workgroup.

2) Any folders that you want to have available over the network should be "shared" by right clicking and selecting the Sharing & Security option.

3) Firewall software should be configured to allow access to the networked computers, which may involve entering their IP addresses in a "trusted" area.

4) You may need to have User Accounts set up so that you are logged in to both computers with an identical Username & Password.

  grandmarana 18:04 21 Jun 2006

All of the above has been done. What I have found out from Microsoft is to have a wireless and cabled computer on a home network (mixed network envirenment) I need to have the cabled one wireless also. Guess he will have to buy a wireless for the cabled unit. Thanks anyway.

  ade.h 18:41 21 Jun 2006

"What I have found out from Microsoft is that to have a wireless and cabled computer on a home network (mixed network environment) I need to have the cabled one wireless also."

What utter rubbish. Where did you read that?? My network and those of countless others are proof to the contrary.

  Forum Editor 18:52 21 Jun 2006

consisting of mixed cabled and wireless machines. My own home network (and that of countless thousands of others) is just such a network, and it functions perfectly.

This problem - of one machine on a network not being able to 'see' the files on another networked machine (or even being able to see the computer at all) is probably the most common of all network issues. Very often it's firewall-related, and the way to determine whether or not that's the case is to turn off the firewalls. If everything then works OK you know you've found the cause, and can begin to rectify the problem.

  grandmarana 18:55 21 Jun 2006

Got my information from a Microsoft tech. - I wasn't saying he was right just what he said.

  ade.h 20:53 21 Jun 2006

Bear in mind that some software firewalls cannot be fully disabled; you may think that it is, but the engine may still be running.

  seanquinn 16:58 06 Oct 2006

I am at the same pont with my network. Ran the Network set up wizard on both machines but they still can't see each other.

Is it possible to configure the firewalls to allow file and printer sharing but still protect the computers from access from the Internet? Or is the router in fact sufficient Firewall ?

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