Mix Ram speeds

  delantero 17:51 29 May 2009

Is it ok to mix ram speeds on the same computer? PC already has one stick 512mb DDR PC 2100 -266 Mhz. I have a spare 512mb DDR PC3200- 400Mhz and was wondering if I could use that to speed the computer up a bit. I understand that only the lower speed is recognised but would it be harmful to use both sticks? Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:39 29 May 2009

Should be fine but will run at 266hz

  bluto1 19:01 29 May 2009

I've got a 1GB 333 and a 512MB 400 and they seem to work together ok. I'll shortly be changing the 512 MB for a 1 GB but I think I'll make it 333 just for safety.

  delantero 19:07 29 May 2009

ok thanks I'll give it a go

  Strawballs 19:33 29 May 2009

You are going back to before the turn of the century for the last time Ram had to be in matched pairs (DIMM)

  bluto1 21:31 29 May 2009

I didn't know Pentium 4 was that old, but then I've only been at this game for about 5 years. We live and learn. Next PC will probably bring me into the steam age. ((:-)))

  eric_bloodaxe 21:54 29 May 2009

quoting from mike myers comp tia book
"...In a worst case scenario, mixing DRAM speeds can cause the system to lock up every few seconds or every few minutes. You might also get some data corruption. Mixing speeds sometimes works fine, but don't do your income tax on a machine with mixed ram speeds until the system has proven to be stable for a few days." He aslo adds that you can't break the machine by trying so it maight be worth a go but how poor are you that you can't afford a new ram stick?

  bluto1 22:51 29 May 2009

I don't know if I'm right here but the RAM we're talking about is DDRAM not DRAM. Honestly, is there a difference?

  DieSse 23:39 29 May 2009

For the safest most stable system use only RAM in matching specifications - faster RAM might run OK at a slower speed, but it's timing specifications will be different, which may cause data corruption - in the worst case very intermittent data corruption.

There's nothing worse than a system that crashes just occasionally for no apparent reason.

Matching pairs of RAM in modern systems are required if you have dual-channel RAM capability on the motherboard. This can result in significant speed improvements, as RAM accesses are interleaved, rather than sequential.

  DieSse 23:42 29 May 2009

BTW - it's DDR RAM - Double Data Rate Random Access Memory.

  Strawballs 00:20 30 May 2009

We were talking about mixed capacities not mixed speeds my daughters machine has 1.5 gig 1 stick 1gig and the other 512 but both PC3200

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