Mitsubishi Diamond Pro930sb CRT 19" Monitor

  [email protected] 08:35 24 Oct 2006

Not much more than 4yrs old, beginning to play up. Possibly a small component on the way out. Does anyone know where it can be serviced [in UK] ?

  Gongoozler 09:31 24 Oct 2006

Hi [email protected] I don't think it's economical to repair CRT monitors. Even a small component failure could take a long time to diagnose. What is the fault symptom on your monitor?

  [email protected] 10:07 24 Oct 2006

Hi Gongoozler. Yeah, the cost effective aspect is always present and I am already looking at a new TFT but I just love this one and a bit reluctant to let it go :-(
The fault has, and continues to be, difficult to pin down even to the monitor. What I mean is, I am not 100% certain it's the monitor IE: could be VGA or VGA driver. Even on another PC to check by elimination, it's not conclusive as my spare PC also has ATI VGA and driver [not same card but same driver], and sometimes it does it and sometimes not.
The problem: periodically the Titlebar and the Taskbar sort of pinch up then return to normal. Sometimes it seems more pronounced when I am on the net!.
Sometimes a faint, thin, sort of ghostly white'ish horizontal thin [2mm] but not straight line appears about 2" up from the Taskbar and slowly moves up/down within an inch or so. Disappears after some seconds. Makes me think of the static electricity you see inside those globe thingies.
What have I tried:
Factory reset of the CRT, degausse etc.
Different ATI Catalyst drivers.
Shook/cleaned/defragged/debagged and swore at XP so many times it dare not put a foot wrong.
I have swapped it for my other monitor and that seems OK so I think it's not my PC.
The Mitsu is now on my other PC which is ON and online. Periodically I see the same problem and it's not happening on this one so I have to assume it's definitely the monitor [unless the Mitsu is susceptible to interference and this HP Pavilion isn't]. Groan. It stays stable for ages then performs for just a few seconds.

  [email protected] 10:16 24 Oct 2006

PS: I can't swap graphics cards to check as they are different fittings and mobo's not the same.

  johnnyrocker 10:32 24 Oct 2006

it sounds to me like dry joints probably in the frame circuit, have a word with a friendly local tv man if you have one or a friend can recommend one.


  [email protected] 10:39 24 Oct 2006

Hi johnnyrocker. Thanks for that. Having spent my working life in communications I would agree with your thoughts - it's that sort of symptom. Problem is here in France I don't have a lot of faith in the workforce expertise even if I could find someone!

  Gongoozler 10:41 24 Oct 2006

Very unlikely that this is a graphics card problem, much more likely to be as johnnyrocker suggested. I know what you mean about loving the Mitsubishi. I'm still using my old 17 inch Diamond Pro 720.
Some TV repairers will work on computer monitors, but you do need to find one who has the ability. Also check whether the repairer charges for the initial investigation, I accept that it uses their time to make the diagnosis, but it can come as a shock when, as happened to me, they say that they can't repair the fault - and that will be £20 please.

  [email protected] 10:51 24 Oct 2006

Cheers Gongoozler. Our local repair shop does indeed charge just for leaving anything there, and it's quite a lot.
Any TV repair persons out there fancy a freebie full-board weekend in Normandy? I have a soldering iron but no scope! ;-)

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