mitac 8640 problem

  timerep 17:30 28 Jun 2009

Hi again, ive just got a mitac 8640 laptop re branded novatec it will fire up no prob but the fan for the cpu is on almost costantly and after between 1 and five mins it cuts out. if you press the power button it imediatly fires up again, I think the battery is duff as its not charging despite the light being on, Have taken voltage readings from the teminals with battery removed and there is power going in, but the cutting out is more serious. it gets very hot in a very short time under where the power jack inserts and the cpu area gets very hot too in moments a faint burning smell as well, but no smoke signals. can anyone help me on possible causes, and a mitac website where I can get any help. many thanks

  six-h 17:54 28 Jun 2009

I take it that by "Cuts out" you mean the laptop shuts down.
The burning smell sounds worrying but it may be the fan needs cleaning and what you can smell is "hot dust" (hopefully!)
This guy also has a similar problem, but I would substitute compressed air for the paintbrush in the response! click here

  timerep 18:56 28 Jun 2009

hmm the burning smell could be the fan blocked but initial inspection shows both fans working and exits pretty clear and a fair old draft coming out the exhaust fan, yes I mean its shutting down the last one was after 40 seconds, any ideas what could be causing the pisistant power offs?(apart from the fans)

  woodchip 21:40 28 Jun 2009

Time me thinks for you to take the laptop back under warranty

  woodchip 22:04 28 Jun 2009

Just a Query, Does this Laptop have a Plastic strip with Start button on it and may be other buttons just between the screen and keyboard, power going in at the back?

  timerep 10:01 29 Jun 2009

hi again, yes the start button is on the far right with 4 other buttons preseeding it marked h1 thu h4 sadly cant return under warranty as its a second user job but would love to get it working properly

  woodchip 11:15 29 Jun 2009

Yes I have Medion Same computer, It should be put right by seller unless it was a Private Sale. As you bought as Working

  woodchip 11:21 29 Jun 2009

PS the Plastic with Buttons Slides to left for it to come off a pin hole at the back to use a paper clip to release it. But to get in side you have to pry the Plastic hinge caps off from keyboard side. to get at screws to remove the screen, take extra care if you go any further stripping down as the keyboard ribbon cable does not have a plug at the3 motherboard end, it is held by a little white strip that pulls to one side by the tiniest of amounts. if you pull it too far it will break, just enough for to pull the keyboard cable out.

  timerep 12:07 29 Jun 2009

yes, this is one of many computers made by mitac for other retailers the medion is the same as mine, no problem with stripping down but where do I look from here the fans seem all clear have taken them off just in case and hooverd them out(carefully) the keyboad is a swine to move but at a loss where to go

  timerep 12:54 29 Jun 2009

hi again just found what could be the problem stripped down and the hard drive socket is ripped from the board with fine wires shorted out everywhere this had been previously tamperd with and buggerd before I got it. the only choice is another motherboard or scrap any ideas where I could find a new ceap board for this?

  woodchip 13:09 29 Jun 2009

may be ebay

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