missing"show related links" in the tools menu.

  Ronnie-289085 15:21 05 Jan 2003
  Ronnie-289085 15:21 05 Jan 2003

Hi all you whizz-kids out there.
I've recently moved from Windows 98SE to Me,now when I click on "tools" there isn't the "show related links" option that there was in W98SE,doesn't Me have it? or can I re-install it from somewhere?
thanks for help....nottonto

  short-circuit 20:53 06 Jan 2003

Which program doesn't have the "show related links"? Have you changed your version of Internet Explorer as well as Windows version?


  short-circuit 21:01 10 Jan 2003

I have ME and Internet Explorer 6 on one of the machines at work and 'Show Related links' is definitely there on the tools menu. I've looked for some way to get rid of it in order to duplicate your problem, but I can't find anyway to do it, so I don't know why it isn't working on yours.


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