Missing windows installer

  Femme 21:37 10 Jun 2009

I cannot do many things as my windows installer appears to have vanished .
I googled it but its totally confusing to me ?
Did it come with a service pack as I cannot install any of the latest service packs?
The version as I see it is
31.400.2435 windows xp
Thank you so much

  phono 21:46 10 Jun 2009

Download the Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable from click here run it and see if that solves your problems.

  Femme 21:50 10 Jun 2009

Il give it a try

  Femme 21:52 10 Jun 2009

File Name: File Size
2 KB
3.4 MB
2.9 MB
1.7 MB
24.6 MB
4.5 MB
2.9 MB
3.2 MB
Im not sure which one to download the choices are here
thank you

  phono 22:00 10 Jun 2009

Assuming you are using XP 32 bit then it is the last one you need, WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe
3.2 MB. Post back with your Windows version if I have assumed wrongly.

  Femme 22:05 10 Jun 2009

its xp
thanks a bunch

  phono 22:18 10 Jun 2009

Let us know how you get on.

  Femme 22:25 10 Jun 2009

It installed well Im still trying to see if it helped
Ill let you know
my pc is a big mess
Thank you for your help

  phono 22:52 10 Jun 2009

"my pc is a big mess"

What exactly is/are the problem(s) with the PC?

  Femme 22:59 10 Jun 2009

I have not been able to install any microsoft updates even from their home page
Cant uninstall from ad remove
The mail, web sites ect are fine it seems to be anything to do with tools if you know what I mean
Its a bunch of small things
Thank you

  Femme 23:01 10 Jun 2009

When I click my computer it wont open
browses forever

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