Missing Windows help file

  Zebrapec 22:49 04 Feb 2003

Hi, can someone help please,
Clicking on Help brings up a box telling me some part of the file is missing.
If I load my windows 98 disc, will it wipe off everything in windows, or will it just replace what is missing? i.e. the help file.

  VoG™ 22:54 04 Feb 2003

No, don't do that (yet).

Start, Run, type


exactly as written and press Enter. Have your Windows CD to hand.

  STREETWORK 22:58 04 Feb 2003

Use the system file checker to check for the missing files and resore them when prompted. If you get a message prompting for a file try and search for it on the computer. I had the same problem with windows 98 3 years ago and it was cured by copying the missing file from another PC and then placing it into the windows directory. Sadly I can't remember the actual file names.

  woodchip 23:00 04 Feb 2003

If you know which file it should say, write it down the go to the start/run and type SFC and type the file in the box that you need to extract it will ask were you want to put the file browes to C:\windows\help and put it there

  Stuartli 00:05 05 Feb 2003

Help files end in .hlp so a search for them in SFC should quickly reinstall the missing ones from the CD-ROM.

  Zebrapec 22:59 05 Feb 2003

Ok, I have tried all that, and still no go.
The file that is missing is hh.exe
Norton cannot find it.
SFC cannot find it.
both on c drive and the windows 98 disc.
What am I doing wrong, please?

  Stuartli 23:59 05 Feb 2003

Have a look here for a range of advice:

click here

  beeuuem 00:37 06 Feb 2003

I looked on the Cd Rom and couldn't find 'hh.exe'
But if you go to 'Run' and type in 'sfc' and follow the procedure to extract the file 'hh.exe' from the CD to Windows the file is found and replaced.
Just to be sure that this works I deleted hh.exe and restored it, so it is worth trying.

  woodchip 14:54 06 Feb 2003

Put your Norton disc in the comp, start SFC type the file in the box that you want press enter point it to the cdrom and press ok

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