Missing web mail Posts

  SparkyJack 11:11 08 Feb 2012

3 events this week past seems to suggest the not all is well with Yahoo Web mail

Last week I posted several mails from my Yahoo web account to another user also with a Yahoo account.

Having had no response I telephoned and the intended recipient reported no mail from me.

Looking into my sent mail [On the server- of course] No mails were recorded as having been sent.

At the same time on various occasions during the week there were Yahoo messages saying words to the effect- we are experiencing trouble- try again later

But the system acknowledged the mails had been sent.

So what happened to the mails?

Evidently unlike an incorrect address mail 'Deamon' did not pick it up to return.

So whats going on- or not?

  northumbria61 10:18 09 Feb 2012

There does appear to be problems with Yahoo (this link is from 8th Feb) - MAY be related to your problem also enter link description here

  SparkyJack 10:40 09 Feb 2012


Thabks for that -it is strange that you mention these from yesterday Whilst my issue was last wqeek- this week so as I can tell all is working. Perhaps it is regional- a server some place acting up.

  spuds 10:49 09 Feb 2012


I don't know if you are running two threads on the same subject, but I posted to this yesterday, and my comments have since disappeared?.

I mentioned that TalkTalk had a similar lost email problem a months ago, and all the lost email was retained on their server, and later became available again.

Perhaps you might need to keep your eye on this, so as to see if the same thing happens to your email?.

  SparkyJack 18:21 09 Feb 2012

Thanx Spuds

Perchance you response is among the missing also

I confess I first composed this thread and posted it only to realise aqfter ward I was actually in Consumerwatch = still relevent there I suppose

  Forum Editor 18:43 09 Feb 2012


"I posted to this yesterday, and my comments have since disappeared?".

You posted to the other thread yesterday, and your post is still there. You didn't post to this one though. Perhaps you were confused by the duplicate thread?

  lotvic 20:07 09 Feb 2012

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