Missing VGA driver

  whym 23:01 24 Feb 2007

Hi, I bought a ATI Radeon X1600 Pro a few days ago. It's an AGP card and I was able to fit it easily into the motherboard - no problems so far. However, when i turned the computer on and tried to install via the CD that came with the card, I got an error message "Cannot continue setup. Try installing the VGA drivers first" or something to that effect. I've tried the Microsoft article when you type "Install VGA Drivers" into Google - pressing F8 at startup and enabling VGA. It didn't work though - I got the same message. I was able to install the card through windows simply to run basic programs using the "Add Hardware" wizard but when I try playing games, it simply exits the program so I know it's still not properly installed unless I use the CD itself.

Please help - I am desperate!

  whym 23:03 24 Feb 2007

Sorry - I forgot to say I am using Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005 with SP2.

  PalaeoBill 23:13 24 Feb 2007

Sometimes it is necessary to install the drivers before the AGP card. Try removing the card, installing the CD and then putting the card back in.

  whym 15:59 25 Feb 2007

Sadly, I tried that and it didn't work - the screen came up with a lot of lines, random numbers and letters when I booted up. Also, the CD I have says on the front: " Catalyst Driver Suite version 6.2" if that helps at all. I really do need help because I think I disabled the integrated graphics that came with the computer (and I can't remember how to re-enable them) so I am stuck using this card - if I take it out, as I said, the screen just comes up with lots of random numbers and letters.

Help needed urgently (thanks in advance)

  jam500 16:08 25 Feb 2007

Hi, have you tried installing the latest drivers off of the cards website, That is if you can get on the internet. As for the integrated graphics, The option is usually in the bios. Sorry i cant be of anymore help as i have allways used nvidia cards and have no idea about ati based cards.

  whym 18:37 25 Feb 2007

thanks everyone for helping - i downloaded the latest drivers from the ati.com web site and it's working ok now.

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