Missing Thumbnail captions

  Andy1991 17:45 22 Aug 2007

When I went into my pictures folder today, then I realised that a problem has come back again (I have never cured it before, it seems to be quite frequent now), When in thumbnail view, or film strip view, the filename captions disappear. So, all i can see is a collection of thumbnails, my documents folder does not have the problem. Do you know what the problem is? Then write back now and win the satisfaction of helping a good teenager needing help. lol. :-)
Thxs in advance


  DieSse 18:20 22 Aug 2007

When in Explorer - go to View - Choose Details - and check which boxes are ticked to show which details.

  DieSse 18:22 22 Aug 2007

PS - make sure your in the My Pictures folder, of course - as you can vary the details from folder to folder.

  Andy1991 09:09 23 Aug 2007

I've tried that dialog, nothing anyway, i've even tried restoreing the defaults, but nothing. I havent not done anything to the system at all recently, and by that i mean about a month.
I only uninstalled a few unnnessacary programs yesterday, then installed OneNote 2007

But the problem started a couple of weeks ago. Since its only this folder i'm geuessing its something to do with "Desktop.ini".

  DieSse 09:20 23 Aug 2007

More likely to be something to do with the thumbs.db file I would have thought.

Try renaming it and letting Win recreate it.

It's a hidden file, so you'll have to allow hidden files to be seen to see and access it.

  Andy1991 09:27 23 Aug 2007

yes, ok, wait amin, i just saw that file when i went into desktop.ini. I will rename it. thumbs.old

  Andy1991 09:29 23 Aug 2007

yeah, just done that. it did make a new one. but it did not solve the problem

  DieSse 11:02 23 Aug 2007

Can't think of anything else - try this

Make a new folder - say test

Move all the picture files to test (not any system files)

Delete My Pictures

Remake My Pictures

Move all the picture files back again

Does that change things?

  Andy1991 21:09 23 Aug 2007

Nope, Created it again and it just reverted back to the problemattic view.

  brundle 22:59 23 Aug 2007

Hold Shift when you open the folder in Explorer. It switches text on and off.

  DieSse 23:32 23 Aug 2007

brundle -

Amazing - I wonder why.

You learn something new every day - thanx.

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