Missing Taskbar

  morddwyd 10:19 05 Apr 2014

I run two laptops, both Aspires, though different models.

On one of them, when using Chrome, the taskbar disappears. On the other it stays in place as normal.

I've checked the taskbar settings and they're OK, so it must be a Chrome setting, but which one and where? (Win 7, 64)

  Batch 12:30 05 Apr 2014

When you say the taskbar, do you mean the Windows taskbar (usually at the bottom of the screen ) or something that is part of Chrome (and if so what)?

  morddwyd 17:48 05 Apr 2014

The windows taskbar, normally there all the time, any programme, any computer

  Bris 18:39 05 Apr 2014

Info here

  morddwyd 20:08 05 Apr 2014

Thank you Bris

Found the answer in your link (Close Chrome, change the theme, re-open Chrome)

  morddwyd 20:38 05 Apr 2014

Spoke too soon - it reverted a few minutes later.

Back to the drawing board!

  john bunyan 21:50 05 Apr 2014

I am sure you have tried this?

Lost task bar

  Bris 20:39 08 Apr 2014

I am using Comodo Dragon but as its based on Chrome the following should apply:

Pressing F11 shifts to full screen mode and F11 shifts it back again.

  morddwyd 08:05 18 Apr 2014


Found the culprit - it's the magnifier.

Start the magnifier and the first time I change screens after that the taskbar disappears.


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