Missing SYSTEM.INI file after Reinstall 98SE

  Border View 16:06 04 Jan 2004

I've had problems with my DVD reader and autorun since before Christmas.

This morning decided to reinstall Windows 98SE. Prior to doing so I unistalled, AVG, Zone Alarm and GoBack.

Reinstall went OK and I've since reinstalled AVG but when I reboot I get the following message:

Cannot find a device file that may be needed to run Windows or a Windows application.

The windows registry or SYSTEM.INI file refers to this device file but the device file no longer exists.

If you deleted this file on purpose try unistalling the associated application using its unistall or set up program.

If you still want to use the application associated with this device file by reinstalling that application



There was also mention of files associated with AVG but these have been fixed by the reinstallation of AVG.

My problem is I dont have a clue was vsdata95.vxd and the vmm32\enable.vxd are. Can anyone please tell me what they are associated with and how I can rectify this problem.

Thank you.

  Gongoozler 16:10 04 Jan 2004

vsdata95.vxd is part of ZoneAlarm. If you want to uninstall ZoneAlarm, click here

  leo49 16:12 04 Jan 2004

Found this at MS - refers to 95 but very likely your situation also.

"The Windows Accessibility driver (Enable.vxd) is damaged or missing.

To resolve this issue, follow these following steps:

In Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs.

Click the Windows Setup tab.

Click the Accessibility Options check box to clear it.

Click OK and restart the computer when requested.


If you want to enable the accessibility features, repeat the above steps. In step 3, click the Accessibility Options check box to select it."

  Border View 16:13 04 Jan 2004

Thank you for responding.

I am looking to reinstall Zone Alarm from a PCA disc. If I do so will these files be reinstated?

  Border View 16:15 04 Jan 2004

Thank you, I shall give this a try.

  Gongoozler 16:17 04 Jan 2004

Hi Barmoor, I have found a reference to your vmm32\enable.vxd message click here, where the following advice is given:

Enable.vxd is the Windows Accessibility driver.

1. In Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs.

2. Click the Windows Set-up tab.

3. Click the Accessibility Options check box to clear it.

4. Click OK and restart the computer when requested.

  leo49 16:19 04 Jan 2004

Sometimes,I just feel invisible. :o)

  Gongoozler 16:20 04 Jan 2004


Hi Barmoor. Reinstalling ZoneAlarm should clear that error message. What is happening is that System.ini has a line pointing to the file that is missing, so reinstalling the file should make everything happy.

  Border View 16:28 04 Jan 2004

Unticking the Accessibility Option cleared up that problem.

Am off now to find a copy of Zone Alarm on a PCA disc to reinstall.

Its times like this that I really appreciate how fantastic members of PCA Forum are. Have had a day like no other, and it was with the help of information given in this Forum that has seen me through.

Not forgetting the fantastic chap called Chris from PC World Sheffield.

Thanks fellas.

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