Missing system restore points

  Paul669 20:37 29 Oct 2007

Last week, I was about to use system restore to sort out a problem starting windows. However, all my restore points had vanished. I've not used it before but in the past have seen a long list of available restore points created daily and before updates. This was the 23rd. After this, restore points were created daily for 3 days and then they all disappeared again. Currently I have restore points from the 26th to today.

Looking at the computer logs, restore points have been created for all the missing days, but seem to have been deleted.

I've not adjusted any settings and am bewildered why this is happening. There is plenty of disk space available and although I have an external USB hard disk as well, system restore is not set to monitor this. I thought that it might be disk defragmenter doing it as I have it scheduled weekly and a defrag occurred between the 23rd and 26th. However, on repeating a defrag today, no restore points were lost.

Could it be my antivirus program - I have Kaspersky Antivirus 7 installed, which runs continuously in the background.

Can anyone help? I don't understand why the restore points are being deleted.

  brundle 20:46 29 Oct 2007

Some reading here; click here

  Diversion 20:46 29 Oct 2007

Try this click here I've heard that it's worked before.

  Paul669 21:34 29 Oct 2007

Brundle - thanks. I've read this already, but it doesn't seem to answer my problem.

Diversion - thanks also. Will this work on Vista? It says XP only.

  Paul669 18:27 30 Oct 2007

Anyone else any ideas?

  Diversion 22:21 05 Nov 2007

Hi Paul699

I found this website relating to your problem click here

  woodchip 22:38 05 Nov 2007

I have also seen a thread on hear that Norton can hide them. Are you running Norton? like Ghost or Utilities

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